The single about the fearless Karelians was let out by a Finno-Ugric metal music group "Second To Sun"

The new single of "Land of the Fearless Birds" was created by a Finno-Ugric metal band "Second To Sun". The guitarist of the group, the author of the Karelian music Vladimir Klimov-Lekhtinen reported to FINUGOR media center about it.

"The choice of this topic is caused by desire to show that in pages of history the Karelian is not only "Kalevala", but also the terrible places about which it is impossible to forget. All the melodic line of the composition is built on the modern Karelian history, there are difficult moments, the heavy moments, I simply figured the temporal chronology musically".
The name of the single of "Land of the Fearless Birds" has something in common with the name of sketches of Mikhail Prishvin "In the edge of untamed birds", devoted, including the description of Karelia. "I think at the moment Karelia and Karelians are not tame, but fearless", - the interlocutor marked.
We will remind, earlier the metal band "Second To Sun" let out the composition devoted to the legendary Moksha queen Narchatka, and also a single about the spirit of a sacred grove of Maris. In total in plans of the group - the creation of 10 compositions devoted to the different Finno-Ugric people.
"Thanks to us, the huge masses learned about the Finno-Ugric people. I don't write a composition about grandmothers, I write music about the present and what is important, - without vocal. Music is easily perceived, in heavy music usually there are the extremely aggressive types of a vocal and, in general, to write each of compositions in each of languages it would be impossible", - Vladimir Klimov-Lekhtinen emphasized.
It is possible to listen to the single using the link.

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