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Preparing the Ice:

    Smoking the Ice:

      A great Bloody Mary recipe to add this ice to

      o 5Lb Cubed Ice
      o 1c Hickory Wood Chips

      Adding a smoky flavor to cocktails such as a Bloody Mary separates you as a bar.? As the cubes melt, more of the smoky flavor is released into the drink,nike air max 90 billige,nike sko. This encourages you to take your time and enjoy every sip as the drink evolves.

      Serve over Smoked Ice and garnish with the lime, celery stalk,Nike Air Max Danmark, and ground pepper.


      I wanted to come up with a way to add smoked items to bar menus.? I have made and love them.? The problem is that they aren’t all that interesting.? I was talking to someone while bellied up at a bar about cocktails.? He was drinking Scotch on the rocks and I was drinking a Manhattan,nike free sko.? I explained that I love smoked food but really never cared for the smoky flavor in Scotch,nike free run danmark.? I thought, hey why don’,nike free run 2 salg;t I try smoking some Makers Mark and make a Manhattan with it.? This stuck on my mind for a while.? I thought it was a great idea but maybe not the best drink to do it with.? I decided I would find away to infuse the ice with smoke so I could try a few cocktails,nike sko.? The best by far was the Bloody Mary,nike air max tn kvinder,nike sko, so that’s what I took pictures of.

      This makes such a delicious drink with a very unexpected flavor.? This recipe was made with an

      8 oz good tomato juice
      3 oz vodka
      1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
      1/4 tsp celery salt
      1 celery stalk
      1 tbsp
      fresh lime wedge
      fresh ground black pepper



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