Malitsa and yagoushka claim for the title of Seven wonders of Finno-Ugric world

Representatives of ethnic minorities situated in different parts of Finno-Ugric World replenish the list of candidates to Seven wonders of Finno-Ugric world and Samoyedic people on the internet-site of the Info-center Finugor.Ru with original suggestions, "Sever-Press" reports.

By the words of the editor-in-chief of the Info-center Finugor.Ru Yuriy Popov, Khanty people, Kola Saami and Nenets people treat the project very responsibly. Soon a whole catalogue on traditional culture of these northern peoples will appear on the site of the project. Thus, Nenets people present national clothes and household items. Now every visitor of the site can learn what the difference between malitsa and panitsa is, and what sovik and yagoushka are. (The note: malitsa and sovik are men's clothes of reindeer herders made of reindeer pelts and fur, panitsa and yagoushka are woman's clothes).

The organizers remind that it is possible to add "a wonder" on the site Voting through the Internet and SMS will start on the first of October. The beginning of voting does not mean the end of receiving of suggestions. It is possible to add "a wonder" in October. Winners will be defined and presented on the final stage of the action in the beginning of November. Seven - the most popular objects will be selected in each of 4 nominations by the results of voting. They will be given the title "The wonder of Finno-Ugric world".