Over 700,000 apply for Hungarian citizenship

So far, 710,000 ethnic Hungarians have applied for Hungarian citizenship and some 670,000 have been granted that status, state secretary János Árpád Potápi told Parliament’s National Cohesion Committee, portal Politics.hu reports. Potápi said that 66% of those granted citizenship were from Romania, 17% from Northern Serbia and 14% from Western Ukraine.

Potápi said that the Hungarian government was planning to spend a total 17.6 billion forints (EUR 58m) on assistance to Hungarian communities abroad. Concerning the government’s Kőrösi Csoma Sándor program, Potápi said that in 2015 the scheme will involve Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, on top of 24 countries covered last year. The scheme seeks to strengthen ties between Hungarians through promoting national culture through language courses and other cultural activities. The program used a budget of nearly one billion forints last year.