Jobbik condemns Romanian authoritarianism

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary finds it outrageous that Dorin Florea, the mayor of Marosvásárhely banned the pro-autonomy demonstrations organized for the Szekler Liberty Day this year, in 2016 and 2017 as well, website reports. Mayor Florea's decision violates the constitution of Romania as well as citizens' right to freedom of assembly and is a clear indication that Romania still has a "Hungarian issue", contrary to what President Klaus Iohannis says.

The Romanian political sphere wants to silence anyone who wishes to speak out for an autonomous Szeklerland, in line with Western European examples. Romanian authorities still pursue the use of the Szekler flag and imposes fines on people for singing the Hungarian national anthem. In spite of the relevant law in force, the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Marosvásárhely (Târgu Mureș) still does not have an independent Hungarian faculty, while the Hungarian-language education of pharmacists may be discontinued as of September this year.  Claiming a rationalization of resources, the Romanian government is trying to eliminate Hungarian classes while taking away, renationalizing our education institutions.