In the “Encyclopedia of Nations” section you can get acquainted with different articles, devoted to history, culture and traditions of all the peoples of the Uralic linguistic family. “Encyclopedia of Nations” is based on the descriptions of the cultural and natural objects, which had been collected in the course of competition «7wonders of the Finno-Ugric and Samoyedic Peoples», which was held on the basis of the media-centre FINUGOR.RU in 2010.

Now the “Encyclopedia of Nations” is a unique collection of various descriptions, compiled by efforts of our users and  the media centre experts. 


Сборник  « Кань кунш олан » (« Земля кошачьего локотка »)
A series of folk collections “Kan Kunsh Olan” – “The Earth of Cat’s Elbow”. Four collections were published; two more are being edited, more than ten are planned. Curiously that the compiler of the series is a representative of the nationality, all folk collections of the Khanty are used to issue by representatives of another culture.Mythological fairy-tales are presented in the first three collections of this series, in the forth – songs from the ritual festival “Bear merrymaking”.All Khanty mythology, ancient mythological texts which are no more used in everyday life, the description of ancient fishing gears occurring in folk texts are presented in this and future series.The publication was suspended for lack of financing. As from 2010 the publication of the collections is going on. The books of the series:Kan Kunsh Olan: collection of fairy-tales. Issue No 1. Khanty-Mansiisk: Polygraphist 1997, 173 p. Compiled by T.A. MoldanovThe Earth of Cat’s Elbow. Issue No 2. Tomsk: Publishing house TGU, 2001, 242 p. Compiled by T.A. Moldanov. Editor of the Khanty text L. Moldanova; editor of the Russian text N.V. Lukina.The Earth of Cat’s Elbow. Issue No 3. Tomsk: Publishing house TGU, 2003, 229 p. Compiled by T.A. Moldanov The Earth of Cat’s Elbow. “Bear songs”. Issue No 4. Tomsk: Publishing house TGU, 2004, 202 p. Compiled by T.A. Moldanov
Национальный парк "Паанаярви"
The national park “Panaajärvi” is located on the north-west of the Karelian Republic, in its highest part. Natural and historical value of the park is unique. Beautiful landscapes, rich flora and fauna, a possibility for recreation in primordial silence, and abundant fishing – all that attracts tourists, scientists and investigators, photographers and a lot of nature-lovers to visit the park. In 2009 about 5,000 tourists visited it.
Природный парк «Вепсский лес»
Far from the rush of big cities, the noise of highways and cell phone ringing, an islet of virgin nature and environmentally clean protected area has remained intact on the very brink of the Leningradskaya region. It is an area of hundreds of lakes, multiple rivers rich in fish, springs with crystal-clear water, and virgin parts of taiga with various flora and fauna. There, on the watershed of the Baltic and Caspian Sea basins, unique natural systems and sites remain intact. Traditionally, a minor Russian nationality – the Veps - with their own original culture, language and traditions lives there. The nature reserve “Vepsian woodland”, a peculiar outdoor museum, a specially protected regional nature area 190,000 of hectares was founded in 1999 by the Government of the Leningradskaya region. The main goals of the nature reserve are to protect the unique nature of this area, to preserve, explore and restore the Vepsian culture, to create conditions for tourism and recreation in the picturesque environmentally clean area, to carry out scientific research and organize environmental education for the population and park visitors.




Музей Сето
The private author’s museum of Seto people is located in the village of Sigovo of Pechorsky district, Pskovsky region.The museum was founded by Tatyana Nikolaevna Ogareva. The museum is unique. It is located in natural environment: In a large shed in the estate of setuss peasant, where everything is gathered with love, everything that was saved – clothes, household utensils, articles of daily use of Seto people.Tatyana Ogareve gathered a lot of information about Seto people. She keeps unique audio recordings of Seto women singing with their surprisingly interesting structure of phrases and unusual voice-leading.Museum Seto is free and you can visit it almost at any time.Museum address: village Sigavo, post office Zalesie, Pechorsky district, Pskovsky region, 181510
Чум - традиционное жилище оленеводов
The so-called chum (tent made of skin or bark) is the traditional dwelling of the nomadic peoples, engaged in raindeerbreeding. The ways of installation, transportation and the sequence of disassembling of chum are considered to be optimal in the conditions of taiga and tundra.This habitation is called “chom” in the Komi-Zyrians language, “mya” – in Nenets, and “nyucky khot” in the Khanty language. Russian has borrowed the word “chum” from the Komi language.Chum is the universal dwelling of the northerners. It represents a portable, cone-shaped tent. The conic shape is considered to be the most convenient, because the steep surface doesn’t hold snow back, and it slides down freely, so that when moving to another place, there is no need to clean the tent before disassembling. The conic shape also makes chum stable during the snowstorms and strong winds.Usually chum of the raindeerbreeders – Khanty, Nenets, Komi, Enets- consists of 25-40 poles and several coverings, which are stowed on the special sleigh, the so-called “narty”, when moving to another place. The dimensions of the dwelling depend on the length of poles and their amount: the more poles, the more spacious chum is. The coverings are stretched upon the poles. After the installation of the chum women make beds inside. Over the mats they put the raindeer’s fellsIn the centre of the chum there is a stove, which serves both for heating and cooking. Besides, the warmth rising from the stove doesn’t let the precipitations in, because they evaporate of high temperature.The summer chum is usually smaller in size than the winter one. The raindeerbreeders choose the lighter materials for the construction to make the moving from one site to another easier. In the ancient times chum was covered with covers made of birch-bark. Nowadays they are no longer used. The achievements of modern industry let the raindeerbreeders use tarpaulin for this purpose, because it is much faster in manufacturing and more convenient in transporting. The installation of chum is the whole family’s business, and even children take part in it, thus is preserved a certain sequence in installation of the dwelling.T. A. Moldanov
Медвежьи игрища
The bear holiday or bear merrymaking is the most ancient ceremony which has remained to our time. The bear holiday is the main constituent of bear cult that Ob Ugrians had.According to folk idea, bear merrymaking are divided into several parts each of which has its own content. The first part is bag and cuts of beef. After the bear bag its carcass is cut with observance of hard rules. The bones are separated only on joints; the head are detached from the body with the skin and paws. The obligatory element is “cleaning” all the hunters after the cutting of the bear by snow or water, in their absence – by moss or soil and putting the bear in its sacrificial pose. This ritual is carried out for evil spirits not to settle in peoples’ houses.After cutting of the bear carcass the ritual is carried out called “voi pant” (literally “voi” means “beast”, “pant” – “way”), which is partially extant. The caught bear is taken to the nomad camp or to the village through all nearest places. The bear is asked what forest spirit came in the likeness of bear, if he agrees that the merrymaking is held, if he wants to be a familiar spirit, what sacrificial animal he needs, etc.If the bear consents to the merrymaking to be carried out, the nomad camp owners plan the date of the merrymaking. Everybody who lives nearby is informed about the festival, at present the participants come by helicopters from other districts of the okrug.Another part of the merrymaking is “bear songs”. They are usually sung in groups of three, five or seven holding each other’s little fingers, and raise and lower arms in time with the music. Thus, people bow to the bear. These songs start every new day of the merrymaking.Moldanov T. A. The Institute of applied research of Ob-Ugrian peoples Leading scientist worker



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