In the Civic chamber of the Russian Federation, the division of Erzyans and Moksha is considered as a threat of Russia weakenin

The Listenings in the Public chamber (PC) of the Russian Federation on which the experiment of Mordovia on development of ethnocultural and civil identity was provided took place, the government site of the Republic reports.

The member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Alexander Pelin told that the governments of the western countries even more often accuse the local and federal Russian authorities of violent assimilation of all Finno-Ugric population through abbreviation of education in national languages.

In his turn, the Chairman of the Commission of PC Russian Federation on harmonization of the international and interreligious relations Iosif Diskin promised: "We will be beaten for a long time, and exactly on the international relations". In this regard, he suggested "to find a realistic balance between cultivation of a national variety of colors of the country and formation of the all-Russian unity".

Among dangers to unity of the state, A. Pelin called opposition of Neopaganism to Orthodoxy. The thought of the need of division of the uniform Mordovian people into two different groups which are also actively advanced by diplomatic circles of the USA, Finland, Norway, Estonia, and Hungary, threatens with destabilization. The division of Mordovia into the Erzya and Moksha parts completely corresponds to interests of the West on weakening of the Russian state, the expert supposes.