The Deputies acquainted with the construction of the embankment in the capital of Komi

On May 27 the deputies of the State Council of Komi inspected the progress of the works together with the colleagues from council of the city which are conducted on the bank of Sysola in Kirovski park of Syktyvkar.

It is necessary to remind that the shore protection works in the park began in 2010 when the drainage system was partially laid. Once again they continued three years later: poured out sand, laid drainage systems, a grid and crushed stone which covered with a large stone from above, hammered piles.

By the beginning of May 2015 the landslide and the bank protection works in the Park named after Kirov in Syktyvkar completed for 58 percent. According to the Minister of natural resources and environmental protection of Komi Romana Polshvedkina, the price of construction of the embankment on the Bank of the Sysola river in Syktyvkar is 435.03 million rubles. It was allocated 222.42 million from the national budget for the preceding two years. "So after all, about funding for this year. What does it consist of?", asked the President of the State Council of Komi Igor Kovzel.

It became clear that the sum, allocated for works in 2015, consists of two parts, in other words, money of the Republican and the municipal budgets, put 65.18 million rubles together. These funds will be enough to bring readiness of the object by the end of the year to 66 percent. But for the completion of all work necessary more than 140 million, which the regional government is seeking, claiming to the Federal subsidies.

The application for 2015 is 73.23 million rubles, in 2016 is 86,54 million. Every other month it will be known whether it get the approval. For two years money on the landslide and the bank protection works from the Federal budget has not been arrived yet.

Igor Kovzel took an interest, whether will the project unfinished due to the lack of financial support from the federal center. The representatives of the city administration said that the delivery date moved up by a year – earlier to finish the embankment planned for September 2015, but now the timing was moved to the 2016th. However, this does not mean that the embankment will be protracted.

"At first sight building is on a zero cycle, but actually the serious work is carried out in depth. Reasoning from that a spring flood didn't cause damage and didn't carry away a part of the coast; it means that money is not invested for nothing. Without these investments in two years the Kirov park, perhaps, would go under  water", - Igor Kovzel noted and assured that the State Council will appeal in the Government of the country with a request to approve the demand for granting a subsidy for construction of the embankment.

After the parliamentarians examined the future of the embankment, they moved to the building of the state Council where an extended meeting was held, dedicated shore protection works, carried out in recent years in Komi. Following the meeting, the deputies noted that such projects must be monitored at all levels with strict adherence to the environmental requirements. Also, to be able to engage in coastal fortification, people's deputies recommended to the government of the republic to organize inspection of coast and a bottom of the rivers at the inhabited localities to determine whether the implementation of similar projects in other municipalities.

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