Finnish scientists: decommunisation laws of Ukraine - the worst example of the history politics

The package of laws banning communist symbols, while at the same time rehabilitating nationalist and fascist organizations, is attempts to discredit and ban symbols connected to the soviet union. Such an opinion in an interview expressed Media center FINUGOR research director of the Alexander Institute at the University of Helsinki Markku Kangaspuro.

Recall the four law adopted in early April, the Verkhovna Rada has not yet been signed by the President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko. According to the BBC, it is a question of the laws condemning the Nazi and communist regimes, the opening of the archives of the Soviet secret police, and recognition of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and others to act in the XX century underground organizations fighters for Ukraine's independence. In Ukraine, a new state holiday - the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation, which will be celebrated on May 8 in addition to the Victory Day. The Ukrainian parliament called the laws "on the package decommunisation.

The scientist noted that the response to it was prominent not only in Russia and Ukraine but also in the western research community. "At the same time nearly every noted that the package of laws is not in particular well grounded. It raises questions why for example such organizations as Ukrainian insurgent army, the ally of nazi occupiers, and Ukrainian  democratic movement RUKH (in the 1980s) are put in the same row as fighters of Ukrainian independence. They are not exactly of one row essentially", - said M.Kangaspuro

According to him, the problem is also the fact that Ukraine is politically divided, including the issue of the relationship to the Second World War. "We can not deny the role of Ukrainians and their losses in the Red Army in the fight against the Nazis. This is another big and very simple question. As a researcher I understand that a new package of laws is loud political statement of the Ukrainian Parliament. This is the worst way to use and misuse history in politics. This notion has been the starting point of the reaction of the Western scientific community on these laws, "- added professor.

He said that in Finland the issue has not  been discussed visible. In media has appeared a few short news about the adoption of these laws, as well as about the reaction of the international research community. However, among the academic community the issue is quite well known and also discussed widely. 

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