In Komi a series of biographies of persons important for the republic will be published

In the Komi Republic  a series of biographic books "Life of Remarkable People" will be published. The project is calculated for 5 years. Starting with the 2015th it is planned to let out on 2 books annually.
The project is realized within a Year of patriotism in the Komi Republic. The project by the Komi Republic Agency on the printing and mass communications is initiated. The Deputy Prime Minister of the regional government Tamara Nikolaeva marked that in Komi such issuings didn't quit more than 20 years. "This series shall become a reference point and an example for younger generations. On these examples they shall grow. They shall be brought up and be similar to life of our remarkable people".  
At a meeting of specially created working group on the project, the offered preliminary list of heroes was exposed criticism at once. Initially the project assumed issuing of the book about writers of Komi. But already in the process of development, having considered a set of sentences, authors came to a conclusion that it is necessary to expand considerably the descriptive part.
It is known that among the first in the new series the lifes of Vyacheslav Malyshev,  the commissar of the tank industry, the hero of socialist labor Vladimir Starovsky and the national teacher of the USSR Alexander Katolikov will be described.
The principal of Agency of the Komi Republic on the printing and mass communications Irina Bragina marked that it is necessary to create public council on this project. "It is also necessary to involve the historians in order to check this information, in order to as much as possible people were involved, in order that information was also truthful and interesting to readers. Besides we will launch vote inquiry of the population through the information sites  to connect people as much as possible".
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