The single about Khanty and Mansi was created by a Finno-Ugrian rock group of «Second to Sun»

The new single of "Red Snow" was created by a Finno-Ugrian rock group of "Second to Sun". The guitarist of group, the author of Karelian music Vladimir Klimov-Lekhtinen reported to FINUGOR media center about it.

Earlier the group presented the compositions devoted to the legendary Moksha queen Narchatka, to the "fearless" Karelians, and also to spirit of a sacred grove of Maris. This time the single is devoted to history of the Ugrian people.

The name of a single of "Red Snow" is connected with history of development of Siberia. "During the years of conquest of Siberia soldiers were sent to these lands, later Cossacks, the result was one – the blood-stained red snow.

But Man-Pupu-Nyor at the same place, despite the fact that how many people with sabers and guns went round it, and Khanty and Mansi exist and will exist as before.

Their culture doesn’t live in limits of centuries, and within the limits of millennium.

The monuments to politicians are being collapsed; eras are being changed, but indigenous people at the lawful place. Why? Because they are in harmony with the nature", - the interlocutor of info center noted.

In the composition musicians leaned on traditional creativity of the people to which the single is devoted. "You can hear sunviltap (a national string musical instrument of the Ob Ugrians) in composition, I studied audio sources attentively, especially musical composition "Cuckoo" of the people of Mansi. Exactly this composition organize an image of a track", - Vladimir Klimov-Lekhtinen emphasized.

In total in plans of group is creation of 10 compositions devoted to the different Finno-Ugrian people. The next composition musicians are going to connect with history "Multan affair" – process of the end of the 19th century over group of Udmurtia farmers of the Old Multan village Malmyzhsk district Vyatka province when residents of this village were accused of ritual murder i.e. human sacrifice to pagan gods.

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