The Udmurt scientists will make the first space experiment on the international level

 From April 26 to April 29 the scientists of the Udmurt state university will make space experiment at the international station. In the conditions of imponderability they research new magnetic materials, KP Izhevsk with reference to the press service of The Udmurt State University reports.

Their colleagues will join physics of university from Germany, Belgium, Great Britain and the USA. On ISS since 2009 the group prepared for carrying out the scientific experience .

- In the history of science of Udmurtia it is the first international space experiment of such level. It is officially entered into the long-term program of space researches of Roskosmos. To the right to participate in researches scientists obtained the license for space activities. Two year went for it, - the press service of The Udmurt State University reports.

The test of new magnetic materials will allow to create and more effectively to use magnets, for example, in electromotors and hard drives of computers.

By the way, the Izhevsk scientists already have an experience of space researches: from 2004 to 2008 they worked in the MAGNFAZ project of the European space agency.

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