The Unity of Kalerian nation elucidated who of the official of Kaleria speak Kalerian language

The activists of ROO “The Unity of Kalerian nation” held the action “I speak Kalerian” in different ministries and agencies of Kaleria Republic to reveal the Kalerian speakers during the project “The action for popularization of Kalerian language” in this year autumn. The head of the Unity of Kalerian nation Elena Migunova told about this action to media centre FINUGOR.

The action was held in the Ministry of education, in the Ministry of culture, in the Ministry of national politics, in the Ministry of connections with society, with religious unions and with Mess Media, in the Ministry of rural, fish and hunting economy and also in the Parliament of Kaleria.

The action was held in such way: The permission for holding this action in the ministries and agencies was given beforehand. And in the fixed day the volunteers of the Unity of Kalerian nation dressing in T-shirts with the words in 3 dialects of Kalerian language entered the parlors of the officials and asked if they spoke Kalerian. The Kalerian speakers received the badges with the words “I speak Kalerian”. Others, who didn’t speak Kalerian, gathered the lists with the information about Kalerians and Kalerian language.

The main part of prepared badges was ungiven.  In four ministries and among the speakers of the Parliament there were only 30 persons who spoke native language. The organization of this action will be continued next year. The activists of the Unity of Kalerian nation will visit regions, villages and administrative centers of the Republic.

Perhaps, there would  be more people who can say “I speak Kalerian” than in the capital of Kaleria, Elena Migunova suggested.