The Komi Republic appeared in the popular mobile guide

The Komi Republic has appeared in the TopTripTip mobile application, «Komiinform» reports. On August 10, at weekly cabinet council of ministers, the principal of RK Agency on tourism Natalya Filina reported about it.
The application "TopTripTip – traveling across Russia" was developed in 2013 as the project of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Russian union of the tourism industry and Federal Tourism Agency together with the Appreal company.
Application is spread in the territory of Russia, Germany and Latvia. China's turn is next.
Thanks to TopTripTip, it is possible to see the main sights of the city without guide, to select restaurant or cozy hotel within walking distance. This year also the Novgorod region shared such important information for personal tourists.
Application is able to construct tourist's routes, specifies location of the user, a calendar of events. There is a map of sights and the pocket tourist manager.
The mobile application specially organized Week of the Komi Republic.
In the first message initiators of the project position Komi as a place where "Snegourochka" paper is being made. It is marked that school students of this republic annually get the Small Nobel Prize.  Such natural riches, as pure as crystal rivers and the woods, rich in a game, and, of course, Manpupuner were marked.
One more pleasant news. According to Natalya Filina, in "Facebook" competition of pictures was orginized and the Komi Republic won it with its stone pillars Manpupuner.