The Duck-Progenitress of the World appears in the center of Syktyvkar

The organizers of the III International Ethnic Festival “The People of Forest" told reporters about the concept of the event.

Arrests leave Komi in crisis

Prosecutors say Governor Vyacheslav Gaizer and 13 other high-ranking politicians are detained on suspicions of serious fraud, reports. Experts believe the arrests rather are linked with political intrigues and controversies between powerful economic interests.

In Komi the album «Zyrians — the Gifted People» was presented
On August 18 in National Museum of the Komi Republic the presentation of an album "Zyrians — the People Gifted" took place.
The Komi Republic and the Nenets Autonomous Area agreed to hold games on national sports
The Komi Republic and the Nenets Autonomous Area agreed about holding the sporting festival "Games of the Pechora basin", "Komiinform" reports.     The principal of regional Sport agency Stepan Churakov told about it.  
In the Komi Republic the public opinion about the new rules of fishery will be considered
The public of Komi can take part in discussion of new changes in Rules of fishery, "Komiinform" writes.     The Acting Minister of Agriculture and food of Komi Alexey Butkin reported about it today, on August 17, at a weekly
In Komi cards with patterns of the artist ethnofuturist Yury Lisovsky have been published
In Komi cards with patterns of the artist Yury Lisovsky  have been published.
The Komi Republic appeared in the popular mobile guide
The Komi Republic has appeared in the TopTripTip mobile application, «Komiinform» reports.
From «cold war» to a dialog: the transformation of the relations of oil industry workers and Izhma Komi
In April, 2015 JSC LUKOIL-Komi concluded the agreement for a period of a year with movement of the Izhma Komi  "Izvatas".
The Finno-Ugric ethnopark in Komi will receive 184 million from the federal budget

The Finno-Ugric ethnopark pretends to receive 184 million rubles from the federal budget on construction of a boiler room and sewer constructions in 2015-2016. The deputy of the principal of Komi Agency on tourism Natalya Filina on a planning meeting at the Prime Minister of the republic Vladimir Tukmakov reported about it on July 6 , "Komiinform" writes.

"LUKOIL-Komi" takes care of bioresources
The population of the Whitefish, honourable at fishermen, in the river Ilych increased by 170 thousand of fry.
The Komi Republic received a federal subsidy in the amount of 400 thousand rubles for training of professional reindeer breeders

The funds will be allocated for strenghtening of material basis of Izhemsky polytechnical technical school, the Ministry of a national policy of the Komi Republic reports.

Chum – the traditional habitation of the raindeerbreeders

The so-called chum (tent made of skin or bark) is the traditional dwelling of the nomadic peoples, engaged in raindeerbreeding. The ways of installation, transportation and the sequence of disassembling of chum are considered to be optimal in the conditions of taiga and tundra.

This habitation is called “chom” in the Komi-Zyrians language, “mya” – in Nenets, and “nyucky khot” in the Khanty language. Russian has borrowed the word “chum” from the Komi language.