From «cold war» to a dialog: the transformation of the relations of oil industry workers and Izhma Komi

In April, 2015 JSC LUKOIL-Komi concluded the agreement for a period of a year with movement of the Izhma Komi  "Izvatas". The conclusion of agreement between industrialists and public men led to that from a status of cold war and mutual reproaches they passed to a constructive dialogue.
The chairman of "Izvatas" Nikolay Rochev told FINUGOR Info center how the document allowed to level strength in the relations between public men and industrialists: "Prior to the beginning of 2015 we had quite stretched relations with "LUKOIL-Komi". The dialog began just with signing of the agreement which we didn't manage to be conclude during several years". 
N. Rochev marked that the arrangement on preliminary coordination of all projects planned to implementation in the territory of the Komi-izhemtsev became the most important point of the document. "Before "LUKOIL-Komi" will decide to begin operations, plans, projects, the principles of operation will be discussed with us, - the public man told. – This is also what we achieved – equivalent partnership".
There is one more at least important point – financing of training of the Izhma Komi at higher education institutions of the country. "As children from the city and the village have different start opportunities, and not all of them enter on the budgetary places, the material support in training of graduates of our schools is very important", - N. Rochev marked.
According to him, students who are helped to graduate by funds allocated by "Lukoil Komi" will sign the contract which says that having finished training, they will return to the native region and will work some years for its benefit.
"The agreement which we concluded and which I think will annually govern and prolong, allowed us to enter on the new level of a dialog when we are treated as equal", - N. Rochev concluded.
The representatives of the regional ministry of a national policy agree with judgement of the public man. The representative of department Lyudmila Kambalova in conversation with the correspondent of Infocenter FINUGOR marked that the agreement became one of steps on development of close cooperation between industrialists and public men. "The questions stated in the document are important for both sides.  It is important that the large company paid attention to "Izvatas" and that there was the call site where it is possible to discuss some actions of "LUKOIL-Komi" in the area of residence of the Izhma Komi. For the company it is important to hear judgement of the population concerned by ecology of the native region. The point of view of people is expressed now by the representatives of "Izvatas" entering into the ecological commissions and it is operation on an advancing, preventing of problems of technical character", - she spoke.
L. Kambalova added that in addition in the agreement there are points according to which "LUKOIL-Komi" undertakes to support the operation on advance and saving culture of the Komi people, participating as the partner in different actions.
"And one more, certainly, good point – the support of youth of the region and provision of opportunity to receive a profession necessary fot municipality: doctor, teacher, lawyer. It allows to raise the national personnel. I hope, this practice will proceed in the future", - the specialist of regional Ministry of National Policy concluded.
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