"LUKOIL-Komi" takes care of bioresources

The population of the Whitefish, honourable at fishermen, in the river Ilych increased by 170 thousand of fry. JSC LUKOIL-Komi within the New ecological program continues to increase the voluntary populations of fishes of valuable breeds in reservoirs of the Komi Republic.
On June 24 the residents of the ancient village Ust-Ilych of the Troitsk and Pechora region became witnesses and participants of artificial stocking. Special interest in an ecological action was shown by children – they watched some time from the coast behind release of fry to the river. However the curiosity went up when the representatives of Lukoil invited children to come closer: they rushed to the pier to disincarcerate the fry.
The representatives of "LUKOIL-Komi" thanked inhabitants of Ust-Ilycha for hospitality which as villagers hinted, they will show to oil industry workers in the future too. The residents of the village were supported by the deputy head of administration of the Troitsk and Pechora region Alexey Tselishchev.
– Annually with the "BioResurs" company we aim to save biological diversity of the republic, and today we enriched one of the most beautiful rivers of Komi. We hope that the maximum number of fry will find the house in waters of Ilycha and in two years they will reproduce descendants, – Vladimir Kostylev, the head of the security department of environment of JSC LUKOIL-Komi told.
Dialogs about the nature with locals proceeded during tea drinking in the open air. The villagers emotionally exchanged judgments on last event, and children sometimes looked towards the river and addressed: "Swim-swim, a small fish!."
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