The Komi Republic received a federal subsidy in the amount of 400 thousand rubles for training of professional reindeer breeders

The funds will be allocated for strenghtening of material basis of Izhemsky polytechnical technical school, the Ministry of a national policy of the Komi Republic reports.

It is planned to acquire the diagnostic equipment for a maintenance and repair of cars, an interactive system and other educational equipment.

"On the basis of Izhemsky polytechnical technical school in the settlement of Shchelyayur preparation of highly qualified personnel in the field of reindeer breeding is carried. Acquisition of the educational equipment will allow to improve the quality of educational process in technical school, to increase competitiveness of graduates. Preparation of personnel in technical school will rise by new level and will promote improving of operational performance of reindeer breeding in the territory of our region", - the minister of a national policy of the Komi Republic Galina Gabusheva marked.

On the basis of technical school will be able to diagnose agricultural machinery and reindeer-breeding farms that will give additional opportunities for development of educational institution.

*** The subsidy for joint financing of account obligations of the Komi Republic for support of economic and social development of indigenous ethnic groups of the North is selected within the agreement between the Government of the Komi Republic and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

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