The Duck-Progenitress of the World appears in the center of Syktyvkar

What do modern city dwellers miss? They miss air, nature, the sounds of rustling leaves and birds chirping... All of this can be found at the ethnic festival “The People of Forest” which will be held on June 12 in the heart of the capital of the Republic of Komi. From 10:00 to 16:00 it will be possible to plunge into the world of forest civilizations on Stefanovskaya Square on the Day of Syktyvkar Fest.

The main trick of the ethnic festival is that its space is organized as a grid of interactive platforms including creative, family, active, gastronomic ones. They operate simultaneously. “In addition, the festival is aimed at involving all the guests into its program, not just contemplation,” Minister of Culture, Tourism and Archives of the Republic of Komi Anastasia Prokudina said opening a press conference.

This year the concept of the ethnic festival is based on the Komi people’s myth of the origin of the world according to which the ancestor of all living beings is the Duck-Mother (Сhözh). It will become a symbol of the ethnic festival The People of Forest in 2016 that will affect the basic interactive actions and the decorative design of all its platforms. Especially for the festival, the entertainment team will create an animated cartoon in the Perm animal style based on the myth.

Instead of solid figures of deer and bears (as it was in 2014) and animals, taken from the Komi hunting calendar (as in 2015), the ethnic festival visitors will be offered to construct a large-scale art object called the Duck-Chözh under the guidance of artist Yuri Lisovski and other masters of the republic. “The People of Forest Ethnic Festival always means an atmosphere of co-creation, happy faces and thankful guests of the event who create art objects by themselves," J. Lisovski said sharing his impressions of last year’s festival. According to him, this year the participants will be able to create the world and give its pieces to the republic. The large-scale art object the Duck-Chözh aims to unite variable crafts, traditional and modern techniques of Finno-Ugric peoples and ethnic groups.

The Epics and Myths of the Forest Project by the branch of the State Russian House of Folk Arts "The Finno-Ugric Cultural Center of the Russian Federation" will dominate at the festival. It is already well-known to Syktyvkar’s residents and guests. Tatiana Barakhova, Director of the institution, says that creative teams from the Perm region and Komi-Perm District, Udmurtia, the Republic of Mari El, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and the Republic of Komi will present ceremonies, song and dance compositions based on the mythology of Finno-Ugric peoples and related to the theme of nature, the life and culture of forest civilizations. In addition, the viewers will see unusual and interactive entertainments based on national amusements in modern interpretation, as well as fashion shows.

This year two more full-scale festivals will be held within the framework of The People of Forest Festival. They are a guest house festival called Shuda Kerka (The Happy House), where the owners of guest houses will present their proposals and compete in various nominations, and a festival of northern drinks called Pouv Va, which in addition to tasting traditional northern beverages (fruit drinks, jellies, herbal teas) includes a barman show and samples of cold coffee brewing on the basis of northern berries. The Organizing Committee is accepting applications for participation in these events.

The provisions of the competitions can be found at the event's official website

The participants’ favorite sites with hay, national amusements, Komi traditional gastronomy, chum and deer will also take place. The ethnic festival guests will be once again given an opportunity to feel not just consumers but to try themselves as masters, artists, hunters and cooks.

“The People of Forest 2016 will be a synergy of traditions and modern technologies," Elena Dyakonova, Chief of the Pelican Creative Agency, a creative and technical operator of the ethnic festival, informed.

The ethnic festival organizers are the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Archives of the Republic of Komi, the branch of the State Russian House of Folk Arts “The Finno-Ugric Cultural Center of the Russian Federation”, Administration of the Syktyvkar City Municipality, the Center for Cultural Initiatives “Yugör”, and the Creative Agency “Pelikan”.

The festival is under support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

*** The ethnic festival The People of Forest has been held in Syktyvkar since 2014. It presents a whole range of activities revealing the traditions of forest cultures with a strong environmental awareness. The festival core is the Finno-Ugric culture with an emphasis on the Komi people culture. The ethnic festival The People of Forest is a big step towards the preservation of the rich culture and unity of Finno-Ugric peoples.

The program is built on the principle of interactivity and involvement of the participants in the event. The name of the festival reflects not only the territory of residence of ancient Finno-Ugric peoples, but also their perception of the world. Forest is an animated concept in Komi culture. People asked forest for protection when on a long way and a permit to start major works. Forest meant the beginning of life and a sacred place full of mysteries and abundance.



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