In the Komi Republic the public opinion about the new rules of fishery will be considered

The public of Komi can take part in discussion of new changes in Rules of fishery, "Komiinform" writes.
The Acting Minister of Agriculture and food of Komi Alexey Butkin reported about it today, on August 17, at a weekly meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of the region.
He reminded that last week the changes in Rules of fishery which concern removal of separate restrictions on catch with hook tackles for Northern fishery basin in the water objects with all influxes which are a place of spawning of an Atlantic salmon in the territory of the Komi Republic were published and became effective.
Now on the semuzhye-spawning rivers of the republic the fish capture by manual hook tools of production, on which total quantity of unary hooks (no more than four) is allowed. The fish capture shall be carried out during the allowed periods without application of artificial baits – from the moment of the ice melting and till the period of freezing.
Besides, according to A. Butkin, on a portal of legal acts the project of new changes in Rules, or changes of the second stage which will regulate a question of limited permission on use the trawl tools of fishing for citizens of the Komi Republic is already placed.
These offers were made by the Governor of the Komi Republic Vyacheslav Gayzer. Now, according to A. Butkin, process of public discussion of the offered changes just begins. Discussion will be prolonged to the middle of October.
In case of decision-making the judgement of the public will be considered.