An anthropologist from Saint Petersburg recorded life stories of people of Yamal

The expedition of the anthropologist of the center for Northern studies of the European University at Saint Petersburg Yelena Lyarskaya was completed in Yamal. About it IA «Sever-Press» reports.

A group of scientists, having won the grant of the Russian Science Foundation, conducted researches within the project "The children of the 90-s in the modern Russian Arctic: assessment of the present and the desired future".

8 people travelled around arctic regions from Spitsbergen to Chukotka, learning, why people wanted and did not want to live in high latitudes, why they came, left or did not change a place of residence.

As Yelena Lyarskaya explains to a correspondent of IA "Sever-Press", the specialists have the unified program; each researcher comes to the region and records stories about how people arrived to the North. Later they try to make a unified picture of these stories in order to understand similar or different features of regions, specifics of each region.

According to the words of the anthropologist, the story of Yamal is special: many people arrive here. If, for example, Chukotka lost 40 percent of its population, in Yamal even in the 90-s the situation was different. Yelena Lyarskaya asked representatives of indigenous peoples, why they wanted to live in a definite settlement, town or in tundra. As she considers, people are more important than ethnic belonging. There are Nenets or Khanty people, who want to leave. And they not only want to leave but they leave. If to understand what keeps people here or what makes them leave this place, it is possible to use it in applied value further. She does not think that increase of population in Yamal is connected only with oil and gas. The specialists intend to find out and evaluate other factors.

Yelena Lyarskaya regularly arrives to Yamal for studies during 17 years. She researches transformation of traditional culture of indigenous peoples residing in Yamalskiy and Priuralskiy districts. This time she conducted researches in the town Salekhard, the settlements Yar-Salye, Salemal, Panayevsk and tundra adjoining to these settlements.

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