The deputies of the State Council of the Komi Republic of the Vth convocation adopted nearly one thousand normative legal acts

The last meeting of the State Council of the Komi Republic in present structure took place on June 11. After consideration of questions of the agenda the chairman of regional parliament Igor Kovzel summed up the results of his activity.

According to his data, 30 meetings of sessions of the State Council took place since March, 2011 where were adopted 986 normative legal acts, including 659 republican laws and 327 parliamentary resolutions. The most important of them are the budget of the region and laws directed on support of the unprotected categories of citizens.

Supporting of large families, future mothers, and also parents who adopted children became the most important direction of legislative work.

So, the regional family capital was established in 2011 which can be directed on improvement of living conditions, and also education and paid medical services by children, spend for repairing of housing and its re-planning, and also for compensation of costs of construction of a house of the blocked building.

The separate help is provided by the law for families at the birth of the third and the subsequent children recognized as the needy. They receive the surcharge equal to a living wage of the child monthly since January 1, 2013. Besides, the category of mothers having many children was expanded, having the right to monthly social payments for education of children. The pregnant women living in remote settlements started receiving compensation for journey to the healthcare institutions.

The additional measure of support for inhabitants who adopted the child was established since 2011. They began to receive a single allowance in the amount from 200 to 250 thousand rubles.

The additional social guarantees for orphan children were established at the same year. So, expenses on journey to a place of treatment and back began to compensate them from the republican budget, and also single carrying out capital or current maintenance of the housing which is in property.

For lonely unemployed able to work parents who look after disabled children, the republican monthly compensation payment was established. It became addition to already existing federal payment. The law "About Quoting of Workplaces for Disabled People" allowed to establish for the enterprises the obligatory minimum quantity of special workplaces for employment of physically disabled people.

According to Igor Kovzel, the improvement of the so-called "anti-alcoholic" legislation was the separate direction for deputies. "Pleases that all laws in this sphere were prepared with active support of inhabitants. We carried out the round tables, left to the areas and discussed this subject with the population, consulted with parents of teenagers and the active public. As a result the republican law which forbade alcohol retail at night was adopted. Then so-called "days of sobriety" were determined in which the trade in alcohol is also forbidden. Besides, the law forbade the sale of alcohol in places of mass rest of people, also we limited the sale of low alcohol energy drinks", - he noted.

The important component of legislative activity of the State Council was support of such public initiatives as territorial public self-government, voluntary firefighters and national teams. In particular, in 2012 the republican law included TPS-Gs in number of socially oriented non-profit organizations. It allowed bodies of territorial public self-government to participate in competitions on receiving grant support from the republican budget. The law "On Regulation of the Relations in the Sphere of Voluntary Fire Protection" adopted in 2011 allowed to involve volunteers in suppression of the fires, carrying out a wrecking and first-aid treatment by the victim. Including this law provided personal insurance, and also legal and social protection of voluntary firefighters.

Igor Kovzel called work on the law about republican budget the most important in activity of the deputies who carefully studied each state program and the amendment on the basis of which the budget is formed.

In the sphere of support of small and medium business the speaker noted importance of the law on patent system which gave to businessmen the chance to work at the preferential routine of the taxation more than on 50 kinds of activity. The beginning businessmen received a zero tax rate.

During four years of work of the Committee on natural resources, environmental management and ecology which was created in this convocation, it has developed the major laws aimed at the development of the land and forest relations, the solution of controversial issues in rules of conducting hunting, and also the solution of problems with stray pets. Besides, the list of categories of the needing citizens was expanded who have the right for free receiving the ground area. The young specialists working in agro-industrial complex, disabled people of I and II groups, and also the citizens who are bringing up disabled children were added to this list. The committee managed to achieve adoption of two laws at the federal level which were brought by regional parliament to the State Duma of Russia. They concern work of regional inspectors of ecological supervision, and also ensuring activity of especially protected natural territories of regional meaning.

The speaker also reminded that in 2013 we have carried out serious work connected with the planned introduction of social norm of electricity consumption at the federal level which was decided to postpone at the request of deputies. This norm didn't consider the climatic features of the republic and would become serious burden for inhabitants.

In the report Igor Kovzel paid special attention to the interaction between colleagues-deputies at the municipal level with Public chamber of the Komi Republic and work with addresses of citizens. He noted that initiators of many bills were inhabitants of the region who sent the proposals, and the deputies worked over them. So, during four years more than 60 proposals took shape of laws and resolutions.

"I want to emphasize that the support of inhabitants was and remains the key to the adoption of important laws for the Republic. Their addresses, councils, proposals, and sometimes quite severe criticism – all helped us to look at the questions from the different parties, and then to find the correct solutions. Certainly, most often inhabitants addressed with their private problems. But quite often the question of one family was actual for many same families all over the republic. And as a result the positive solution of one address helped hundreds of people", – Igor Kovzel summed up.

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