It will be engaged in increase of financial literacy of the population in Komi

The government of Komi offers to banks the implementation of the educational project "the School of Financial Literacy", IA Komi-inform reports.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Komi Republic Aleksey Startsev declared about it at working meeting with representatives of the bank sphere of the republic.

A main objective of the project is increase of financial literacy of the population by teaching in effective management of the means and the responsible approach to questions of crediting.

"Recently the number of suspicious financial structures grows which give out money to the population under big percent. The people, who often don’t know about financial instruments, fall under the tempting advertizing and allegedly good credit conditions, give money to frankly roguish schemes, or take the credits under the overestimated percent. In this regard it was decided to start “the School of Financial Literacy” project, - Aleksey Startsev explained.

In the context of the project it is planned to hold on the free seminars and lectures basis of various educational and production institutions during which will be explained nuances of unclear financial schemes and formulations, various questions regarding consumer, a car and mortgage loans, credit and salary cards and many others. Besides, the inhabitants will be able to communicate with the staff of bank on topics of their interest in the question-answer format during lectures. Lectures will be broadcast on the local television and on the tapes of news agencies of the republic.

"The inhabitants of the republic will have a good opportunity to learn information, actual in present time, from lips of skilled people which will help to avoid financial losses and to keep the means from voluntary donation to swindlers. "The school of financial literacy" is the opportunity to give to people additional knowledge and to make their trained in the sphere of finance", - Aleksey Startsev noted.

The project is planned to start in September of this year. Now the decision about the creation of a working group of representatives of banking community for specification of the course of implementation of the project and the subjects of lectures is made.

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