Deputies of the State Council of Komi supported strengthening of control of housing and communal services by municipal authorities

At the XXI meeting of Council of heads of Councils of the republic which took place in the State Council of Komi, licensing of activity of management companies became one of discussion subjects.

In 2014 changes were made to the federal legislation according to which activities for management of the apartment houses demand existence of the license since May 1, 2015.

As the head of regional Committee of housing and communal services Igor Smirnov reported, all documents which arrived from management companies are considered, 131 from them obtained the license, but it was necessary to refuse to 15 companies. So, hundreds of apartment houses remained without management. For many open competitions on involvement of management companies are announced.

"Local governments had to inform owners whose management companies didn't obtain the licenses, about the beginning of competitive procedures. The population didn't learn about change of rules adequately. Until the end of May we have to receive information what work was organized at the local level from municipalities, whether the competitions held", - I. Smirnov explained.

The committee of housing and communal services intends to address to regional parliament with an initiative about change of the republican legislation which will allow municipalities to realize housing control at the local level. Besides, till July 1 the municipalities have to approve the set of rules of improvement of a housing-and-municipal complex with the list of points on which the local authorities will be able to take out instructions and penalty approbations.

Deputies supported the offer about need of strengthening of control of housing sector by the municipal authorities. The chairman of the State Council of the Komi Republic Igor Kovzel emphasized that the municipalities need to work more actively with management companies so that the houses didn't remain without management.

"It is a difficult question and it is necessary to come back to it still more than once because the law only started to work. It is necessary to look as it will work and in case of need to come with legislative offers to the federal level", – the speaker noted.

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