The inhabitants of Komi support a ban of sale of energy drinks in shops

A way to forbid sale of low alcohol energy drinks was found in the State Council of Komi. The inhabitants of the republic understand a problem and support the initiative. The results of poll started in one of social networks in official group of Parliament of the Komi Republic testify to it.

The offered amendments to the law "About establishment of additional restrictions of retail trade of alcoholic products in the territory of the Komi Republic" provide a ban of retail trade of low alcohol production with the content of ethyl alcohol from 1,2 to 9 percent of volume of integrated products. This ban doesn't extend for sale of beer and drinks on its basis, wine, cider, Poiré and also low alcohol honey drink.

According to the Chairman of the State Council of the Komi Republic Igor Kovzel the adoption of the bill will allow to clean all low alcohol energy drinks from the counters of shops. "It is very difficult to fight against these drinks. The law forbidding their sale was adopted in the republic a year ago, similar laws are adopted over all country now. However, the producers change the composition of energy drinks, their name and display them for sale again. Therefore we prepared the law which forbids sale of low alcohol drinks and including the energy drinks ", – Igor Kovzel emphasized.

Now the bill is considered by profile departments and also the public organizations, including Public chamber of Komi, republican office of the All-Russian public organization of small and average business "SUPPORT of RUSSIA", the non-profit organization "The Trade Association of Komi", and also the representative on protection of the rights of businessmen in Komi. The bill is planned to consider at a June meeting of the State Council.

The inhabitants of the republic expressed their own opinion about a total ban of sale of the low alcohol energy drinks in a voting process on this matter in one of the social networks. Most of the respondents supported a total ban of the energy drinks.

The FINUGOR media center asked to comment a situation more elaborately. According to the candidate of medical sciences, the chief non-staff specialist expert of the Ministry of Health of Komi in preventive medicine Ivan Lysenkov, the phrase "energy drinks" was thought up by specialists of marketing for increase of sales and, therefore, profits. "They place the emphasis on their ability "to encourage an organism", – the expert noted. – Actually, the energy drinks are stimulators of cardiovascular and central nervous systems. The main active ingredients are caffeine and theophylline – quite strong stimulators, and alcohol, as we know, is added for the purpose of decrease in self-checking behind the volume of the drunk. It is very inhumanely, in my opinion. Also the producers do the energy drinks aerated to accelerate the entrance of these substances into blood. As a result, the powerful short-term stimulation of nervous system leads to its weakening and attrition, also dysbolism, sleep disturbance, the problems from the direction of cardiovascular system (high pressure, arrhythmia) are possible. On top of everything, alcohol and caffeine are capable to cause dependence. Generally, as you can see, an energy drink isn’t a product preserving health. After all, not without reason the energy drinks are forbidden in the USA as an unhealthy product. Therefore I support our State Council completely".

According to the winner of the competition "Teacher of Year-2015"" Tatyana Georgieva, the initiative is actual. The use of energy drinks by children takes the menacing scales now. The external "harmlessness" of these drinks leads to physical and mental disorder of an organism of the child and it influences on study. "It is necessary to make such decision, but I am worried about a question – whether will it be executed? - noticed a teacher. – And who will see to its execution? It is no secret that, remorselessly, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes are being sold to non-adults in some shops despite a ban. The law machineries look through one's fingers at these offences. And in general, it is already proved that energy drinks have negative influence on an organism not only the child, but also the adult. Perhaps, is it necessary to bring up a question of a ban of production such drinks?".

As the member of Public chamber of Komi Ekaterina Sokolova considers, the producers of energy drinks found the gaps in the legislation very quickly, allowing them to sell this drink under the different guise. As a result, people who knew about a ban of sale of energy drinks but still saw habitual jars on the show-windows, had questions – why the law doesn't work?

"To solve a problem completely – it was not only an obligation of the power but also a question of responsibility, – the public figure told FINUGOR media center. – Of course, concerning new bill, I am only "placet". But, anyway, it is necessary not only to register restrictions at the legislative level, but also to control their execution. Because the bill maybe excellent on a paper, but without rigid, it is possible even to tell, repressive control, the situation with the alcoholization of the population is previous. The simple citizens, who know about violations, can and must help the law machineries. It is simple to call 02 and to transfer information".

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