In Komi Republic the low alcoholic cocktails were banned and one more day of abstinence was introduced

At a meeting of the State Council of the Komi Republic on June 11, the deputies made changes to the republican law "About Establishment of Additional Restrictions of Retail of Alcoholic Products". According to them since July 1 the ban of sale of low alcohol production with the content of ethyl alcohol from 1,2 to 9% will be imposed. Thus,  all low alcohol cocktails, including "energy shots" will disappear from retail. So restrictions don't concern beer and drinks on its basis, wine, cider and mead.
The law forbidding the sale of low alcohol energy drinks in Komi was adopted in 2014. After that producers began to change the composite of drinks and their name, therefore they again appeared on counters.
Besides at a meeting the deputies introduced the fourth day of sobriety. Now it is forbidden to sale the alcoholic beverages in the territory of the republic on July 8 - in Day of a family, love and loyalty. The idea to introduce the additional "nonalcoholic" day was supported in regional Ministries of Health and educations, and also among public men and businessmen of the region. According to Service of the Komi Republic on licensing, after introduction in 2013 days of sobriety in the region the quantity of alcoholic poisonings is considerably decreased.
Earlier in the region it was already forbidden to trade in alcohol on June 1 (Children's Day), on June 27 (Youth Day) and also on September 1 (Knowledge Day). These days of sobriety were set in 2012.
Besides, deputies will send to the State Duma a legislative initiative about amending the relevant federal law and the Code of Administrative Offences, providing a penalty for illegal sale of alcoholic products. They are directed on fight against moonshining and distribution of alcohol-containing drinks made in home and prescribe punishment for sale in the form of a penalty for 4-5 thousand rubles with confiscation of a subject of moonshining.


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