Ivan Medvedev: "We observe the positive tendencies in dynamics of the budget of the Komi Republic - 2015"

At an April meeting of the State Council of the Komi Republic changes are made to the republican budget traditionally. In spite of the difficult year, the critical parameters of the budget of Komi in 2015 didn't subject to the essential adjustment. Social articles weren't broached essentially therefore the main financial document of the region remains social as usual. The vice-chairman of committee of the State Council of the Komi Republic on the budget, taxes and economic policy Ivan Medvedev told about the positive moments of the budget-2015 in interview to FINUGOR information center.

Ivan Vladimirovich, how would you characterize the budget of Komi today? How much is it strong, realistic, maybe the anti-recessionary?

Today 70 percent of a component of the budget is social articles. Both financing of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education is put building of medical objects and schools there. We didn't touch all social articles, all privileges and salary principally. Everything was remained as before. Therefore it is possible to call the budget as social.

The critical parameters of the document didn't undergo essential adjustment, the total amount of the income of the republican budget for 2015 will make 62 billion 831 million rubles up and the planned volume of expenses will make 71 billion 188 million rubles. The extent of deficiency for 2015 keeps at the former level i.e. 8 billion 356 million rubles. The total amount of gratuitous receipts from the federal budget in 2015 will make 5,3 billion rubles.

The federal center didn't reduce joint financing of programs?

The center didn't reduce financing, moreover, added money. At the expense of inpayments from federation, namely a subsidy and a subvention, we increase the revenue of budget by 372 million rubles, also the account part is increased by the same sum.

445 million rubles were added on the program of resettlement from a shabby and hazardous dwelling. 70 million rubles will go for modernization of preschool education.

At the same time the subvention size on realization of credentials in the forest sphere will decrease on 56,6 million rubles, by implementation of obligations in the water relations on 1,3 million, financing of road branch on 100 million.

How does the revenue of budget correspond with today's economic realities?

Is it possible to speak about good fullness of the budget or not?

The budget isn't filled according to those plans which we made. But for today it was already leveled to the level of last year. We both gained income and we will receive this year. Some taxes were decreased, for example, profits tax; some were increased, including property tax. But in general dynamics according to the income corresponds to the first quarter 2014. And if on the two first months of 2015 the situation was worse, it was corrected in March.

If the tendency remains, and April will repeat March, dynamics will be better than last year. We hope.

Is it possible to do now forecasts concerning budget performance?

It is clear that we completely have never carried out some articles. They simply pass to the next year, it concerns buildings generally. There are different reasons and one of them is long examination of projects.

The year is difficult and it is clear that it is necessary to save on everything. And to consider profitability which isn’t higher than last year in the meantime.

It should be noted that the special commission worked on optimization of the budgetary expenses which built three turns of expenses.

The first turn is protected and all social articles had entered there. The second turn will be paid in process of receipt of funds. And the third is questionable and if we don't increase profitable base, we won't spend money for it. At the cost of it we will be able to save. The government took such step not to increase a budgeted deficit. This is anti-recessionary measures.

Ivan Vladimirovich, if to speak about other important laws adopted at session, – what would you note?

The law about the so-called "tax holidays". For individual entrepreneurs who are registered for the first time are exempted from all taxes for 2 years. This law extends more than on 50 kinds of activity it is clear that first of all for agriculture. It should be noted that most of all individual entrepreneurs in the republic are registered in the trade and purchasing sphere, but it isn't included in the law. The law has already come into force.

One more important point is changes in the law on the regional operator. It probably will be convenient for the population too. The operator – the Regional fund of capital repairs of the apartment buildings provides carrying out the capital repairs of the general property in the apartment houses located in the territory of Komi. Now collecting payments on capital repairs of the apartment houses will not be monthly but quarterly. Thereby when the payment orders will be exposed about 20 million rubles are saved a year. And the population will receive one payment order instead of three; it will allow to save on the commission respectively, which is raised by the credit organizations. Also it is necessary to go to banks less often.


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