JSC “Mondi FIC of Syktyvkar” will allocate 46 million rubles for development of the regions of Komi in 2015

In spite of the fact that a difficult economic situation arose in Russia, in comparison with last year the total amount and number of the areas applying for support increased.
In the context the social and economic partnership in 2014 the company provided financial aid to seven areas of the republic in which conducts storage of the wood and transferred 45 million rubles.
"The cooperation agreement is important for us, it is a part of social policy of the company, it is a responsible approach to life of local communities in all areas where our company works, - the director-general of “Mondi FIC of Syktyvkar” K. Peller told during a ceremony of signing of the contract. - More than 60 percent from the called sum will be directed on creation of new workplaces in the regions of Komi, remainder means will go for development of social infrastructure".
Except financial aid, the agreement provides measures of indirect support, such as allocation of sanitation permits to municipalities in sanatorium-preventorium of “Mondi FIC of Syktyvkar” that will allow to improve social well-being and health of inhabitants.
As the head of administration of the Ezhvinsk district of Syktyvkar Alexander Kalinin told FINUGOR info-center, for the area the direction in cooperation with combine priority is cultural and sports life of the city not the first year. "This is the traditional agreement, and its main goal is support of actions and social climate of Ezhva. And, of course, we hope that similar practice will proceed further. In total 6 million rubles will go for development of the area. We will direct about 600 thousand rubles to the organization of summer labor camp "Bur loon" for teenagers from needy families. Children will be able to make the area better, will take part in improvement of streets and will receive pecuniary recompense therefor. About 250 thousand rubles will be directed to the improvement and vitamin addition for pupils of kindergartens of the Builder district. The huge number of cultural and sporting events is planned in 2015. The festival of rhythmic gymnastics "A spring thaw" has already taken place, from April 23 to May 3 the championship of mini-football "A leather ball" is taking place. This year about 400 people of Ezhva have already participated in sport events. And it isn't necessary to forget about Day of Ezhva, and also the organization of celebration of New Year".
According to the head of administration of the Ust-Kulomsk area Dmitry Shatokhin, it is very important that today to such branch of economy as agriculture is given significant support. And in 2014 and 2015 “Mondi FIC of Syktyvkar” allocated to the area 8,7 million rubles. Money was directed to the reconstruction of a cow-shed on 200 heads in the Pozhegdin village that allowed keeping and creating workplaces. Thanks to financial support “Mondi FIC of Syktyvkar” building of object was accelerated and in 2015 it will put in operation. The volume of handworks was reduced in a new cow-shed and the conditions of work were improved.
In Ust-Kulomsk CF (Country farm) in 2014 organized the point of processing of meat. As D. Shatokhin noted, the project was very demanded as in the district there was no lethal point and the workshop on processing of meat is necessary: it is difficult to realize beef, at the same time meat of cows more senior than five years is subject to machining. Opening of the slaughter floor will allow creating three additional workplaces. It is planned to employ two coalminers and the driver.
In the context of the contract with "Mondi" the area had got tractors and equipment for preparation of forages for local CFs, the bulldozer for the Ruch village where one workplace is created.  
The material base of the municipal authorities of sport was strengthened for 772 thousand rubles. In the village of Timsher was equipped an additional extension for the center of bullet firing. Here the administration plans to bring for occupations the children from nearby villages.
"Today Timsher became the center for education of shooters in Komi, - D. Shatokhin noted. - Everything says that this direction of sport should be developed further".
998 thousand rubles were directed to repair of municipal educational institutions within the contract. For example, due to assignment means of “Mondi FIC of Syktyvkar” floors in the kitchen were repaired and replaced windows in the sports hall at Derevyansk secondary school. A sports ground appeared at Yugydjyagsk secondary school. The internal sewerage was equipped, the problem of freezing and interruptions of work of toilet rooms disappeared at Timshersk School. Thanks to this process of training wasn't interrupted In 2014-2015 academic year.
It was a success to solve a sore problem of arrangement by system of the sewerage in the kindergarten "Birch" in the Kerchomya village due to assignment of 213 thousand rubles. 
The area within the agreement directed 1 million 130 thousand rubles for strengthening of material base of cultural institutions.
"One of the most interesting projects of 2014 became the participation of combine in release of the children's book in the Komi language written by Nikolay Tyurnin, D. Shatokhin told. – The results of monitorings speak about a lack of fiction for children and youth, especially children's books in the Komi language. Nikolay Alekseevich writes in the Komi and Russian languages. Financing of the project has very high social importance for the area in preservation of Komi culture".
Also the allocation of permits in the sanatorium-preventorium of FPB for veterans of forest branch became one more of the directions of financial aid on which the head of the area stopped. In sanatorium of "Vita" of JSC “Mondi FIC of Syktyvkar” veterans, pensioners of the Ust-Kulomsk area have a rest annually. The responses of vacationers are exclusively positive.
The Ust-Kulomsk area plans for the allocated funds to equip modular shop on processing of milk in the district in 2015, to acquire forage equipment for APC "Pozheg", to equip the milk line on 150 heads, the milk tank cooler, to acquire the stall equipment with the system of automatic drinking bowls for APC "Pomozdino", to construct a platform for slaughter in the Small Anyb village and to get a plough for a tractor, and also the hinged equipment and technics. The part of money will go for the compensation of expenses under contracts of financial rent (leasing).
As the “Parma gor” newspaper reported, JSC “Mondi FIC of Syktyvkar” invests the potential to the economy and the social sphere of the municipal area more and more every year. When the association "Komi timber industry" failed, JSC “Mondi FIC of Syktyvkar” took over the control of forest industrial economy of the area that allowed to have some money in the budget of the area and to remain in the ranks in perestroika and post-perestroika dashing years. Support and investments into economy allowed coming to a way of development in the subsequent. The area hopes that the mutual understanding will be fundamental criterion in the next years of cooperation.
“Mondi FIC of Syktyvkar” supported projects on development of small and medium business, creation of workplaces, and also on support of social infrastructure in the Kortkerossk area in 2014 again. Then it was transferred 5 million 500 thousand rubles to the area, also the enterprise allocated 21 improving permits to veterans in the sanatorium-preventorium of “Mondi FIC of Syktyvkar”.
As the representatives of the company noted, in 2015 cooperation between "Mondi" and administration of the area will be continued. The repair of the building of recreation center and installation of a playground in the Ceres village, acquisition of GAZelles for administrations of RS (rural settlement) “Nivshera” and "Pezmeg", financing of the municipal program "The development of Economy in the area", and also allocation of 19 permits for improvement of veterans in the sanatorium-preventorium of “Mondi FIC of Syktyvkar” is planned in the context of the social partnership.
According to the first deputy head of administration of the area Alexander Arteev, the cooperation has been proceeding for six years and the priorities are still given to social projects. "There are four existing social projects in our area, - the interlocutor noted. - Three projects on logging and processing, and also goods transportation where will be created from 20 to 40 new workplaces. Only six social projects work in Komi in total — one at a time in Udorsk and Koygorodsk areas. It is important that in such hard times the combine doesn't forget about us, conduct the monitoring of a situation constantly, and the help is allocated nevertheless".
Also the gift will be received by athletes of the Kortkerossk area in 2015. The bus will have been got for them for trips on various competitions. 
We will remind, about importance of such cooperation in crisis to an info-center of FINUGOR and in the Syktyvdinsk area where all forces are planning to throw for development of agriculture and logging.
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