JSC Mondi prepared for celebration of Victory Day in Ezhva

The enterprise has already held the creative competitions devoted to anniversary of the Great Victory and initiated creation of the avenue of memory on Bumazhnikov Avenue.
The CEO of JSC Mondi Claus Peller thanked on May 7 participants of the competitions "War by Eyes of Children" and "stories about war" which were written by the staff of combine. The stories about the tragic past which in many respects are memories of relatives of Ezhva citizens, can be read in the "Ogni Vychegdy" newspaper. The pictures decorated the foyer of the LPK administrative and engineering casing.
It is interesting that there were no losers — K. Peller handed letters of thanks and mementoes to all participants of contest.
But the main contribution to celebration of anniversary of the Victory day this year became the filling of the memory avenue which was equipped by the staff of combine with the assistance of administration of the Ezhvinsky region on Bumazhnikov Avenue. The chief of reforestation of JSC Mondi Rodomir Kulikov told how to plant trees correctly. 70 one-year-old pines which are grown up in the nursery of the enterprise will please the inhabitants of Ezhva.
According to the words of the head of administration Alexander Kalinin, this avenue is a tribute to grandfathers who won for inhabitants of the republic opportunity together with children quietly to put and raise trees, the opportunity to live. 
"It is worth marking that it is not the first avenue which we land in honor of a celebration, - A. Kalinin marked. - In a year before last in Ezhva there was a mountain ashes lane on a slope near the pool, and still earlier - the avenue from cedars. This year together with the enterprise we acquired many flowers for celebration of veterans, medals. On performance of collectives 14 festive suits were bought . On 6th of May with assistance of JSC Mondi we spent region evening for veterans "War, the Victory and the blossoming May", passed within February competition of the patriotic song "Muses Were Not Silent". 
As A. Kalinin highlighted — the celebration of 9th of May  — it is a huge complex of actions, and salute with special effects and the dramatized representation will be one of the most fascinating. By means of candles actors will lay out a big star". 
The involvement of JSC Mondi in preparation by May 9 became a good tradition which is permanently replenished by new ideas.
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