Municipalities with positive experience of implementation of the legislation on provision of housing for orphan children will be supported in Komi

One of the topics of discussion at the XXI meeting of the Board of Directors of Republic, which was held in the state Council of Komi, was the implementation of legislation to provide housing for orphan children by municipal authorities.

The chairman of the State Council of the Komi Republic Igor Kovzel emphasized that the state is obliged to help orphan children to resolve a housing problem, but 1004 children from this category in the region didn't exercise the right for premises on the results of 2014. 369 court decisions about imposing the obligation to provide orphan children with apartments on local governments, including 133 under a social lease contract remain unfulfilled.

The reasons why municipalities do not exercise their competences in this area are very different. The main is long development of the provided subventions.

The Minister of Labor and Social Protection Ilya Semyashkin reported that more than 1,5 thousand orphan children need housing. Last year, the municipalities received 240 million rubles for the implementation of delegated powers from the budget of the Republic and 20% didn't manage to be mastered. Problems arose in Koygorodsk, Troitsk and Pechora, Ust-Kulomsk, Syktyvdinsk, Kortkerossk and Pechora areas.

"There are no funds for purchase or repair of premises, it is impossible to acquire housing for 400 thousand rubles on the person. The applications aren't submitted for participation in the competition. As a result — non-execution of the law and growth of judgments", - the chairman of the board of the Koygorodsk area Vadim Mechetin complained.

The deputies of the State Council suggested representatives of municipalities to consider the possibility of replacement of a way of execution of a judgment within agreements of lawsuit.

The chairman of the board of the Ust-Vymsk area Serafima Kikhteva noted that 19 needing children had been provided the housing since 2011. Seven apartments are planning to transfer to orphans in the near future. It was succeeded to achieve good results thanks to participation in share construction and continuous monitoring of secondary housing market.

The waiting list for receiving housing in the Priluzsk area doesn't decrease, the new persons in need are registered. Despite it, the municipality is among the best on assistance to orphans. Mainly it was promoted by interaction of administration with builders, the vice-president of council of the Priluzsk area Pavel Vokuyev reported. According to him, the administration plans to provide housing to 24 orphan children this year. Also the apartment house is being built for them

People's deputies suggested supporting municipalities with positive experience of implementation of the legislation on providing orphan children with living quarters including material - due to redistribution of money and additional financing. Money will be allocated from the budget for 2015 and planning period 2016 and 2017 for execution of the judgments obliging administrations of municipalities to provide housing to orphans.

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