The Russian-Karelian online dictionary and the Karelian keyboard became available in a network

The work in the field of advance of the Karelian language in the electronic environment was sped up this year.
On the site of Laboratory of Information Technologies are being developed the projects connected with development and advance of the Karelian language in the field of new high technologies.  
It is reported about it in group "To the Karelian language the official status in Karelia" on a social network of "VKontakte".
The main projects which began to work it’s an apportion of the computer keyboard for the Karelian language and the creation online dictionary and the dictionary for smart phones.
The first version of the Karelian apportion to computers with Windows system is available according to the link.
The chain of actions for installation: unarchive the file, start the setup.exe program, then start the SetupIcon.exe program and restart your computer. You will have an additional apportion noted by an icon with the Karelian flag when choose Russian (RU). 
Besides, the Russian-Karelian online dictionary was created for the aid to the people learning the Karelian language and for the translations of texts from Russian into Karelian.
"The big Russian-Karelian dictionary" (livgiläine kieli) of Boiko T.P. and Markianova L.F. is a basis of this dictionary.
You can use this dictionary on mobile devices under control of Android system. You don't need the Internet to use the dictionary, it is only necessary to install the application on phone or the tablet.
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