Yamal strengthens cooperation with the Republic of Karelia

Within the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum the acting governor of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Dmitriy Kobylkin met with the head of the Republic of Karelia Alexander Khudilaynen, IA "Sever-Press" reports.
In the representational office of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug in Saint Petersburg the heads signed the agreement on trade and economic, scientific and technical, social and cultural cooperation between the regions.
As Dmitriy Kobylkin notes, Yamal and Karelia has long friendly relations, and the signed agreement will strengthen them and will assist to more active interaction on different directions. As stronger are the regions as stronger is the country, as the head of Yamal underlines.
Alexander Khudilaynen thanked the side of Yamal for active position in development of interregional relations. He notes that it is pleasant to keep up with the leaders, to borrow positive experience. As he says, Yamal has something to teach; moreover Dmitriy Kobylkin is the leader in the rating of the most successful governors of the Russian Federation. Alexander Khudilaynen expresses understanding that this work is achieved owing to big energy and labor. The signed agreement, of course, will help to solve many problems of Karelia. He is sure that Yamal will also find something to borrow. Karelia has its own achievements and elaborations. The head of Karelia thinks that the agreement will be a really acting document, which will have dynamics every year.
Alexander Khudilaynen once more invited people of Yamal to come to the Republic. As he says, Karelia has vast spaces, 60 thousand lakes, 20 thousand rivers, 818 populated areas and 640 thousand friendly people. When such exchange of experience between regions takes place, of course, each region finds something what can be adapted on its own territory.
As Dmitriy Kobylkin adds, he brings interesting and positive experience for Yamal from each working trip to other regions. As he notes, Yamal is a territory of the Far North, permafrost. Many people, who come here, are surprised how northerners can live here. Dmitriy Kobylkin has never been to Karelia but says that specialists of Yamal, who visited the Republic, note that there are many interesting things there. People in Karelia successfully develop business; there are many lakes, therefore its needs to see how fish breeding is developed. Also he would like that young hockey and football teams of Yamal would be able to compete with teams from Karelia.
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