In Komi cards with patterns of the artist ethnofuturist Yury Lisovsky have been published

In Komi cards with patterns of the artist Yury Lisovsky  have been published. Edition of Art log became the author and the direct implementor of idea. 
Such patterns of the artist as "Wedding" entered a cycle of cards, "I want to marry you" and "A life tree". The card is executed in the A5 format. On the first page wishes on the Komi and the Russian languages are published: 
1. Congratulations! Пöся чолöмалам! 
2. To our loved. Мусаяслы
3.  Кыпыд гажöн! Happy holiday!
 Inside the cards such Komi poets as Victor Savin and Aleksandra Misharina are placed. 
According to authors of idea, such card can become a good souvenir from the Komi Republic or fine addition to a gift to the family.
** The artist Yury Lisovsky was born in 1964 in of Shepetovk (Ukraine).
In 1990 he ended art separation of Syktyvkar school of arts. Yury participant of republican, international exhibitions and festivals (Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Udmurtia, Perm), participant of the International sculptural symposium "Finno-Ugric world. Nature and ethnos". Types of creativity: graphics, painting, design, ethnofuturism.