Businessmen of Komi were exempted from taxes

The Komi Republic entered tax holidays for two years for those who was registered as the businessman for the first time, saved budgetary funds and created base for development of the cadet movement. On April 16 at the next conference the deputies of the State Council of the republic considered 37 questions.

The law about the so-called tax holidays which will support subjects of small business became one of the most expectant. The document provides two-year tax holidays for who was registered as the businessman for the first time applying nonexpert system of the taxation and patent system. The tax rate makes zero percent which will start acting since May 1, on a plan of authors of the bill it has to bring to the legalization of business in Komi, to increase in the subjects of small business, increase in number occupied in this sphere, to growth of volumes of the goods and services made by individual entrepreneurs. The bill was developed together with entrepreneurial community of the Komi Republic, and anyone could discuss it in the Internet, on a portal of small and medium business of Komi.

Also the question of modification of the law on the republican budget for 2015 and planning period of 2016-2017 became the key at the session. Critical parameters of the document didn't undergo essential adjustment.

The total amount of the income of the republican budget for 2015 will make 62 billion 831 million rubles, and the planned volume of expenses – 71 billion 188 million rubles. The extent of deficiency for 2015 remained at the former level – 8 billion 356 million rubles. The total amount of gratuitous receipts from the federal budget in 2015 will come to 5,3 billion rubles.

At numerous requests of teachers and public men in Komi the law on cadet education was developed. As the Chairman of the State Council of Komi Igor Kovzel noted at a meeting, the document will allow to create the united legal base and all cadet movement in Komi will develop on basis of it.

"I want to remind that this project passed public hearings, the members of Public chamber, the management and teachers of cadet classes, the public men expressed the opinion. There were many offers, and they still arrive. Therefore we decided to adopt the law in the first reading, and then to work the arrived offers and to consider them at June session", – Igor Kovzel explained.

The chairman of Committee on social policy of the State Council of Komi Mikhail Bragin supported the adoption of the "cadet" law. He declared: "Today it is necessary to understand, what assets are spent by schools, parents, public organizations, commercial structures which are engaged in the cadet movement. Then it will become clear, how many finance we need to put in the budget 2016 on full existence of cadet classes".

One more bill which caused serious interest, – "About modification of separate laws of the Komi Republic, concerning implementation by the deputies of the State Council of the Komi Republic of deputy activity". The parliamentarians reduced number of the deputies of the State Council of Komi adoption of this law who work at a professional basis, from 20 to 10. So, in the forthcoming VI convocation the Chairman of the State Council of RK will work at a constant basis, his deputies, chairmen of committees and constant commissions. Also on one deputy will work at a constant basis that went to the State Council of Komi from any party and didn't occupy any of the above positions. These measures will allow to save to the budget of the republic 13 million rubles in 2016. 25 deputies voted for adoption of this law - placet and one - against.

Igor Kovzel after the meeting noted, the regional budget isn't able to afford to contain big team of professional deputies as some need to provide housing, to pay a salary and to serve today. "It is unreal for today and such big loading as in the State Duma where, by the way, all deputies work at a professional basis, of course, we haven't. There is no completely professional structure of deputies in one legislature of the subject of Russia, in many legislative assemblies work at a professional basis from five people. Therefore it is necessary to look for the golden mean here ", – the Chairman of regional parliament concluded.

Also to cut down expenses on public administration, the deputies suspended payment of a single reward to civil servants of the highest rank in case of retirement on one's own initiative until the end of the year. Igor Kovzel didn't exclude that the moratorium concerning the so-called "golden parachutes" will be prolonged again in the end of the year.

The important changes were made to other existing acts. The Ombudsman for Children will participate in prevention of absence of attention and commission of offenses among minors now. The ombudsman will be able to interact with parents of minors on legal causes and with institutions of local governing and various institutions.

Since 2015 large families will be able to spend funds of the regional family capital for construction, reconstruction and compensation of costs on the construction of a house of block type. The relevant amendments to the law were made after the appeal to the State Council of the father having many children who asked to include such type of construction in the list of an expenditure of the regional family capital.

Besides, the validity of lump sums to families is extended till 2017 which decided to adopt the child. The republic will pay 200 thousand rubles if it is the healthy kid, and 250 thousand at adoption of the child with deviations in mental or physical development.

From this year the poor families living in the villages which are subject to threat of flooding during a flood will be able to insure real estate. In the republic is established the new type of the social help — payments in the form of compensation of the size of an insurance premium under the contract on insurance of property. Social payment on insurance will make to 5000 rubles.

As Igor Kovzel declared at a briefing, one of the most interesting bills which the deputies will consider at the last meeting in present structure will be the so-called "anti-alcoholic" law. The amendments to the law "About Establishment of additional restrictions of retail of alcoholic products in the territory of the Komi Republic" provide a ban of retail of low alcohol production with the content of ethyl alcohol from 1,2 up to 9 percent of volume of finished goods. This ban doesn't extend for sale of the following low alcohol drinks: beer, drinks on basis of it, wine, fruit wine, cider, Poiré (pear cider) and low alcohol honey drink.

"It is heavy to fight against energy low alcohol drinks —there are new drinks with the changed compounding and the name all the time, – the Chairman of the State Council explained. – The law forbidding their sale was adopted in the republic a year ago, similar laws are adopted over all country now. However producers change the composition of energy drinks, their name, and again offer for sale. Therefore we prepared the law which forbids the sale of low alcohol drinks including energy drinks".

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