The Deputy of the state Council of Komi Alexander Makarenko: "So we live: you solve one problem and then there is another"

Not long ago, one of the news agencies in the region has carried out the analysis of activity of deputies of the State Council of the Komi Republic of the fifth convocation. Among the leaders in number of visits to the municipalities of the Republic was a vice-chairman of the regional legislative Assembly, the head of "United RUSSIA" faction Alexander Makarenko. About that and many other we decided to talk to the vice speaker.

Alexander Petrovich, you have traveled the country and not once. What questions do you most often confront on the trips which are sharply exciting people?

The problems are similar in many municipalities. It is "public utilities" and rising in prices, the development of production and the land improvement, delays in delivery of drugs and, of course, the condition of the roads. 

For example, there are no highways of year-round action in the Udorsk area and it complicates the development of municipality. If there is a normal road, investors will come to the area, there will be new workplaces. Everything is interrelated. It is great that a so-called "School" crossing point will put in order this year; it is the most almost impassable 13-kilometer site of the road between Vozhskaya and Mozyndor. However, it isn't enough, it is necessary to repair about 30 more kilometers to Edva. Then it will be possible to get out from Udor by bus, and the area won't depend on appetites of the monopolist like Russian Railways.

Is the future of the Udora district connected only with the road, isn’t it?

Not exactly. It is possible to develop wood processing here – for the last year three new productions of fuel briquettes were open on Udor. There are some prospects in the fishery development, good, the water resource is huge, and two years ago we began trial starting by whitebaits of a grayling to the river in the area. This work will be continued without fail.

Yes, a lot of things depend on the road, and not only on Udor, but also in other municipalities. But still more it depends on citizens and on their activity. It is possible to sit on one's hands and to wait when the kind uncle will arrive and help to do something. But any uncle won't dig up a kitchen garden for you, won't milk a cow, and won’t make a lunch. Also the uncle will not create TPS-G (Territorial public self-government) for you and won't invite people in it. And after all it is the real mechanism of attraction of additional money to the concrete inhabited locality.

For example, only three TPS-Gs are registered in the Udorsk area. They had already received grants for the sum of 800 thousand rubles. And if these communities were twice as much? Or five times, after all there are more than twenty settlements on Udor. Then it would be talked about millions. It is considerable money for any municipality.

And how was 800 thousand spent, which You mentioned?

The fire depot was constructed on this money, also the church was repaired in Selyyb, the bus-stop was established in Krivoi, the well was constructed in Elkib, and the river bank is being strengthened in Chernutyevo.

I will repeat, it is result of work only three TPS-Gs.

There are seven TPS-Gs in the Knyazhpogostsk area, for example, and five in Ust-Vymsk. The quantity increases every year, and the situation changes for the better. So, many often depends not only on the authorities, but also on citizens.

You mentioned about TPS-Gs. But, agree, not everyone can and want to engage in public affairs and works. It is more important for residents of areas to find a good job...

This is an absolutely normal desire. It is necessary not just to find work, but also to take a foothold up on it. The Knyazhpogostsk area is the corner stone here. Soon the reduction is expected in bodies of Federal service of execution of punishment, and it will have an strongly influence on municipality. At a conservative estimate, the district will lose at least 12 million rubles as proceeds from income tax from the wages of employees of the system. But more important is that scores of workers will be without work. There is a way out, it is the sanatorium "Seregovo", which will give the district more than 400 new jobs next year, plus the private businesses can actively develop around the health centre, i.e. cafes, shops, service stations, car washes, and other common amenities. In my opinion, who wants to work never miss this opportunity. Of course, people have to earn, because the prices of some commodities rose significantly.

By the way, what about the prices. Authorities don’t remain away from the situation, fight against unjustified growth of price?

And it is possible to call this fight relatively successful. There isn't and, I hope, won't be any more such growth what was recorded at the end of December last year. But, in spite of the fact that dollar exchange rate is stabilized gradually; the prices don't hurry to fall. there is a healthy competition in the large cities: when you charge an exorbitant price – people turned round and go to the shop where the same goods are cheaper. And after all, there isn't such possibility in the areas. Sometimes there is only one shop in the settlement and people are compelled to buy products at suggested prices.

How do you suggest to act in a similar situation?

To begin with the simple; everywhere and weekly to conduct the monitoring of the prices. If the price grew by a certain product, it is necessary to find out the reasons. In the same Ust-Vymsk area is organized "The price landing" whose participants reach the most remote settlements. They give alarm signals and we take measures. Monitoring, by the way, concern not only products, but also drugs whose prices grew at the end of last year too.

What about drugs, it is difficult to understand why the same medicine in different drugstores sometimes costs differently, and a difference this quite notable – 200-300 rubles, - I speak about so expensive foreign preparations. People ask questions, and I don't know what to answer. Nobody wants to hear stories about crisis in the relations with the West, about necessity to wait some years until our domestic pharmaceutics will be able to produce analogs of foreign drugs, they need a simple and definite answer – why is such difference in the price? There is only one exit –we will understand the reasons with colleagues. I am the coordinator of the party project "National Control", we will connect this resource to search the truth.


Alexander Petrovich and how often do people apply to you with request?

Any trip to the area doesn't do without it. The addresses arrive and by mail, and on a page at a social network.

I always try to help. First of all, I undertake for the solution of the problems anyway concerning many people.

In April of this year in Emva of the Knyazhpogost area a large group of people came to me with a request to protect the Center of national cultures, which was going to be transferred to other place. I always treat with special attention to similar establishments: quite recently I participated in opening of the similar Center in Usogorsk, and here opposite news. We understood a situation, and the history reached the Prime Minister of the republic, as a result the issue was resolved. The center remains on the place. I was at a concert in this Center on May 7, so there’s not an inch of room!

I can give one more example: the parents of pupils of a small school addressed to me in Ilya-Shora, it is in the Ust-Vymsk area. They speak about fast closing of school, the address came with tens signatures. People are sure: there's no smoke without fire. If such talks went, so school will close. We came to consensus with the Minister of Education of the republic: the school will continue work as before.

People often address when they simply don't know to whom to address a question or a problem. The freshest example is a situation with a monument to the dead in days of the Great Patriotic War, established in the Dutovo village of the Vuktylsk area. There is a cesspool near the monument. The residents of the village, and I agree with them, consider that the monument doesn't need such neighborhood. After my appeal to the administration of the area decided it was decided that the hole will be transferred to other place.  As soon as the movement through the river is open, the necessary equipment will come from Vuktyl, because the village hasn’t own equipment long ago. In fact, the issue could be resolved and at the regional level. In difference, for example, a question with sports doctors who can be counted that is called on fingers in the republic.

Why this problem is so critical?

The situation with all doctors is very critical, and sports doctors, excuse me for a pun, are piece-goods in general. Competitions are held tens in the villages and a hundred in the cities in each area annually. By all the rules, the sports doctor has to be even in the village championship. In the spring we held a special meeting in the fraction of “UNITED RUSSIA”, discussed a problem and considered the versions of its decision. And this work has already brought the first results, namely, the course of internal and remote primary preparation in the specialty is organized on the basis of a republican medical and sports clinic. Soon it will allow to patch the available personnel hole in sports medicine. But it is impossible to stop on it: we shouldn't retrain the available doctors, and train new experts. So it’s still necessary to collaborate with the Government of the republic.

Where do you derive energy for such hard work, if it is not a secret?

My experience of the deputy of all levels has already passed in fifteen years. I am so brought up that got used to help people. Of course, it is impossible to solve all problems for once, but it is always possible to achieve the aims step by step. Someone takes offense that, he says, Makarenko didn't help me. But it happens, so far as concerns some private requests. You won't be dear to all. But so far as concerns questions, touching upon tens or hundreds of people, and even inhabitants of the whole settlements, I am obliged to interfere. Good and sympathetic people live in the republic, and the power has to be the same.

Alexander Petrovich, can you tell shortly about plans for the nearest future?

Maybe it sounds banal, but barely to work. I see, how many it's still possible to make for the republic and while I have time and opportunities, I will make every effort that life in Komi only improved. Yes, it isn't enough efforts of one person, b but not only I adhere to this thought. I have enough colleagues and adherents. And first of all, it is my colleagues deputies, heads of the administrations on places, friends and the most ordinary residents of the cities and areas. Only together we can make life better in our republic.

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