Public men noted the next achievements in dialogue with "LUKOIL-Komi"

In March the authoritative regional social movements of the Nenets autonomous area and the Komi Republic signed the cooperation agreements with the enterprise – "Association of the Nenets people "Yasavey" and "Izvatas", and also the Interregional social movement "Komi Voytir".

"It is possible to provide only with common efforts the conditions both for economic recovery of the region in general, and for preservation of natural habitat and a traditional way of life of northerners, - reported in the LUKOIL-Komi company". - One of the defining principles of corporate policy is the organization of socially responsible activity which is equitable to interests of local population directly ".

As the chairman of "The Komi Voytir" Sergey Gabov told FINUGOR info-center, in the signed agreement is reflected wider range of questions in mutual obligations which isn't limited to environmental problems and cultures. "Especially important is that the questions of development of language and the allotment of means for these purposes are raised, - S. Gabov explained. - The general with the previous agreement which was signed 10 years ago, still remained that the document affects those territories, areas in which "Lukoil" realizes the production activity.

The enterprise and "Komi Voytir" interact since then as "Lukoil" started working in the republic. The main interaction was conducted at the level of representations "The Komi Voytir" in areas where "Lukoil" works, and it was constantly.

Today, as the latest example, based on this interaction, ILO carries out work on a question of price control to petrol in other words that the price of it didn't differ depending on an area arrangement. And though this question doesn't belong to "LUKOIL-Komi" directly, the management of the company works with us in this direction actively ".

S. Gabov called the cooperation at the solution of environmental problems among the major clauses of the contract. Particularly the involvement of authorized representatives of ILO to participation in carrying out public hearings and the organization of environmental assessments at implementation of projects of industrial development in places of traditional accommodation and economic activity of the people of Komi enters here. Oil industry workers also intend to participate actively in the public, scientific, ecological and cultural events which ILO carries out.

In the context of the agreement the part of means will be directed on preparation for carrying out the XI congress of the people of Komi and production of the concert suits for the vocal group of Komi "Eskom" of the Ust-Tsilemsk area. Also the oil industry workers will make a contribution to implementation of the projects supervised by representation of social movement in the Izhemsk area. So, with financial support of "LUKOIL-Komi" the participation of ski team of the Izhemsk area in the IX republican ski festival including on the hunting skis on prizes of executive committee of ILO "The Komi Voytir" was provided and which took place in the village Bolshelug of the Kortkerossk area on March 17, 2015 and brought together more than 800 participants. There were the athletes among them who arrived to Komi for participation in the World Cup of masters in ski racing.

"The organization which intends to develop business in a certain territory seriously can't ignore the problems of indigenous people. The cooperation in the context the agreement is a civilized communication of subsoil users with locals for which it is necessary to seek; – the importance of such support from oil industry workers commented the chairman of ILO "The Komi Voytir". – Finally, all of us, whether it is the government, business community or public organization serve common cause namely development of the republic and improvement of quality of life of each citizen living on the earth of Komi".

As for the agreement between "LUKOIL-Komi" and "Yasavey", the oil industry workers had already made a contribution to a trip of the delegation of public organization on anniversary actions of Association of the indigenous ethnic groups of the North, Siberia and the Far East (AIEGNS and FE of the Russian Federation) in Moscow.

And the representatives "Izvatas" thanks to the contract could confirm their participation in the international forum of Finno-Ugrian youth of FUROR and in the international trade fair "Treasures of the North-2015" in Moscow, and also in an interregional traditional national holiday "Lud" which annually passes in the Izhma village. The intentions to participate in work of an interregional youth camp in the village Lovozero of Murmansk region became real.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the interregional movement "Izvatas" Nikolay Rochev noted in the comment to the Center of assistance of KMNS that in the Nenets autonomous area "LUKOIL-Komi" interacts with the organizations of the indigenous people of the North more actively than in Komi.

We will remind, komi-izhemts made a number of demands to oil industry workers concerning ecology and interests of small peoples of the North. The attempts to solve problems together with representatives of the company didn't lead to anything until recently. But, as N. Rochev told, there is some advance in dialogue with "LUKOIL-Komi" recently: "The Company agreed to finance training of our youth in any institute of higher education of Russia; also they agree to participate in programs of development of the Izhemsk area. At the end of April the next meeting with representatives of the company is planned where our questions will be discussed ".

"The next cooperation agreements with "LUKOIL-Komi" strengthen a basis on which is based the multidimensional work on preservation of traditions, customs and the native language of the indigenous people of the Polar region", - representatives of the company consider.

We will remind, in the middle of March Alexander Leyfrid who replaced Pyotr Oboronkov became the new director-general of "LUKOIL-Komi". According to the "Kommersant", A. Leyfrid headed oil-extracting division of "Lukoil" in Perm ten years ago, earlier worked in CC and I “Kogalymneftegaz“ (enters into JSC “Lukoil - Western Siberia”). During this time he became one of the most highly professional managers of "Lukoil" and in 2015 was for the first time nominated in structure of committee of directors of the oil company.

Possibly, the appointment of the new head will lead to new achievements in dialogue of public men and the enterprise.

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