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Government Sees End of Line for Ingrian Returnees

Finland wants to end the right of Ingrians to immigrate to Finland as returnees. The government is proposing a bill that would close the repatriation queue by 2011. Ingrians, whose ancestors were Finns, inhabited Russia and Estonia hundreds of years ago.

The new law will take effect in 2011 if the proposal gains approval next year. This means no new applicants would be marked onto the current waiting list.

A Decade of Waiting


The new conception of stable development of indigenous ethnic minorities of the North is adopted in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area

Deputies of the Legislative Assembly of Yamal adopted the new Conception of stable development of indigenous ethnic minorities of the North. By the words of one of elaborators, the chairperson of the Committee of the regional parliament on informational policy, public associations and affairs of nationalities, the president of the Association of indigenous ethnic minorities of the North "Yamal is for descendants" Alexander Yevay, the conception is orientated, first of all, to creation of economic basis of life activity of indigenous population.



Let the Native Language Sound literature and poetry soiree was held in Petrozavodsk

Within the framework of the 90th anniversary of formation of the Republic of Karelia there has been held a literary-poetic soiree Let the Native Language Sound.... It was organized to acquaint the general public with novelties of the literature in Karelian, Veppsian, Finnish and Russian languages published in 2009 within the scope of the National Literature project.


Folk Songs by Natives of Kama Region Collected into Golden Fund

A sound-recording studio has visited 54 villages of the region already and collected more than a hundred unique Udmurt, Mari, Komy-Permyak, and Bashkir folk songs.
      With support of the Ministry of Culture the 6-volume music project Golden Fund of the Perm Area is expected to be released in summer next year.


Budapest Hosts Foundation Conference of Russo-Hungarian Forum

The Russo-Hungarian Forum was founded in Budapest on December 21, the Voice of Russia reports. The new NGO is intended to link representatives of the civil society, economy, science, culture, education and business of the two countries. The first meeting of the new forum will be conducted next year in late May.



Independently-financed Finnish film gets cinema distribution

Miika Ullakko’s What Became of Us gets boost at foreign festivals

Finnish films that get shown in cinemas are usually produced with financial help from the Finnish Film Foundation. Miika Ullakko and his partners produced What Became of Us completely on their own.
      “One evening when I was eight years old I was bored. My mother suggested that I make my own movie with my father’s new camera”, Ullakko recalls.



Finno-Ugric peoples built Russian state together with Slavs

Russia will create all conditions for the development of Finno-Ugric peoples and their culture, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has promised.

"It is our strategic task to create in Russia as a whole and in Mordovia in particular every condition for promoting the development of Finno-Ugric languages and culture, for studying their rich legacy and expanding friendly contacts with related peoples abroad," he said.


Nationalist guard has no legal recourse in Hungary

Hungary's Supreme Court upheld an order disbanding of the Hungarian Guard, the private army of the extreme nationalist Jobbik Party.

Wednesday's decision was the third judicial ruling within a year making the openly racist paramilitary organization illegal, and exhausting all avenues of further appeal within Hungary.

Jobbik chairman Gabor Vona said following the ruling that the Guard would nevertheless continue to function pending an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.



Ethnoballet on Karelian stage

Premiere of The Two Swans' Rock ethnoballet based on Karelian folklore on the music of Karelian composer Alexander Beloborodov was held on December, 12 in the Musical Theatre.


Finland. Researcher: Multicultural Daycares Offer Wealth of Experience


Over 40 percent children do not speak Finnish as their mother tongue at around 20 daycares in Helsinki. Residential areas play a strong role in determining whether a particular daycare will have many children with immigrant backgrounds. However, some parents choose to place their kids in daycares with more mainstream Finnish children.

Arniika Kuusisto, a multiculturalism researcher, says that daycare workers will tell parents from the get-go if their centre cares for many children from different backgrounds.