The Erzya and Mari sacred places of Nizhny Novgorod region can be included in UNESCO list

Erzya sanctuaries can be included in the list of objects of the World heritage UNESCO as a structure part of "Nizhny Novgorod Volga region".

Due to this regard Nizhny Novgorod deputies unanimously supported the initiative and prepared their address to the region’s governor Valery Shantsev. They asked him to act from the side of region’s government to Russian commission on UNESCO affairs. ROO "Erzyan Vaygel".

According to the press service of Legislative assembly of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, the address will be considered properly at the next meeting.



Karelian experts in education discussed prospects of cooperation development with their Finnish colleagues

Teachers of Finnish language ofPetrozavodsk, experts of the Ministry of Education of theRepublicofKareliaand Institute for Improvement of Professional Skills of Educators at the invitation of the Regional Agency of Eastern Finland have made a trip to Joensuu where they have visited 4 schools,University of EasternFinland, and Aducate - Center for Training and Development, portal Karelia Official reports.


The electronic library for nomadic schools and kindergartens will be created in Yamal

In Yamal since 2016 it is planned to create the system of network interaction for all nomadic schools and kindergartens, the electronic library adapted for nomadic education and multimedia products for work with children in places of nomadic camps, IA "Sever-Press" reports. Besides, it is planned to elaborate the list of equipment necessary for providing of nomadic education.



Govt to focus on supporting higher education of Hungarians abroad, says official

The Hungarian government’s programmes and development projects for ethnic Hungarians in neighbouring countries were designed to provide a full spectrum of education to them, the Deputy State Secretary for Hungarian communities abroad told MTI in an end-of-year interview on Tuesday. About it portal reports.

Under its policy for Hungarian communities abroad the Orban government’s focus in 2012 were kindergardens and this year primary schools, said Zsuzsanna Repas.


Academician of RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences): in Russia More People Started Learning the Native Languages

Languages come back to life after dozens of years of dying or abandon. This was stated by Valery Tishkov, Director of Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of RAS during his speech on November 28 in the course of round table “State language policy of RF (Russian Federation): situation and prospective” in State Duma, according to “Natsaktsent”. As an example he referred to the Breton language in France, Gaelic and Cornish in Britain, Hawaiian in the USA. In Russia, according to V. Tishkov, the scope of native (not Russian) languages learning has increased.



Mini-schools and kindergartens for tundra children will be opened in Yamal

Two modular kindergartens for the villages Ust-Voikary and Yamgort of Shuryshkarskiy district and also two modular schools for the village Laborovaya and the station Payuta of Priuralskiy district will be purchased in Yamal this year, IA "Sever-Press" reports. The funds for purchasing were allocated on the regional long-term targeted program "Development of the system of education in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug for 2011-2015".


China flies in Finnish Santas

It's a busy time of the year for Finns in the Santa trade, as they fly around the globe to spread the Finnish Christmas tradition, YLE News reports.

While the rest of the country enjoys a break this Christmas, some Finns must work hard to help Santa through the holidays. After all, there is no way Santa can deliver gifts to the entire world on his own. Some are even ready to travel to the other side of the globe to do their share.


The coordinating council at the governor of Yamal will work on issues of development of national trading stations

The sitting of the coordinating council on sustainable development of indigenous ethnic minorities of the North at the governor of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug took place in Salekhard, IA "Sever-Press" reports. The basic issues touched upon development of national trading stations and providing them with additional functions on rendering of medical and educational services, bread supplying for tundra population.



Ethnic Hungarian in Slovakia “granted asylum”, says deputy PM

Hungary fulfils an obligation by “granting asylum” to ethnic Hungarian in Slovakia Hedvig Malina and her family, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Hungarian communities abroad Zsolt Semjen said late on Thursday, portal reports.

In a statement sent to MTI, Semjen said Malina’s decision to move to Hungary equals to an indictment against Slovak politics and “the inhumanity of the authorities’ harassments.”


Tõnu Seilenthal: it is not easy to undertake language revival, but if you wish - all things are possible

The media center FINUGOR presents an interview with associate professor and chair of the Uralic languages​​, University of Tartu, a member of the International Advisory Committee of the Finno-Ugric peoples of Estonia - Tõnu Seilenthal. In the interview, a prominent of Finno-Ugrian languages called for fundamental ability to save even not numerous languages.



'Made in Finland' may be made elsewhere

Products made in countries with cheaper labour costs may be sold using slogans that suggest the item was entirely Finnish-made, YLE News reports.

What would you think if a product manufactured in China through a sub-contractor suddenly became a "Made in Finland" product when it arrived here? This type of practice for industrial products is completely possible and in some cases even legal.


Schoolchildren of Yekaterinburg study history of indigenous peoples of the North

The head of the representational office of Yamal in Yekaterinburg Sergey Shitikov conducted a lesson in the upper secondary school "Yekaterinburg-Paris" (N12), IA "Sever-Press" reports. He told the pupils of the 6th form about Yamal, indigenous population and national traditions. The video-film about Yamal was demonstrated for the schoolchildren. Sergey Shitikov answered their questions and gave presents with symbols of the region.