The lands of the Nenets reindeer breeders are withdrawn for the state needs

Deputies of the Nenets Autonomous Area defined the indemnification mechanism to reindeer breeders in the case of withdrawal of lands at them under the state needs,  the Centre of assistance for North indigenous ethnic groups writes.
The meeting of deputies of the Nenets Autonomous Area accepted in the second, final, reading change in the law "About the Regulation of the Land Relations in the territory of the Nenets Autono



LUKOIL is opening a large scale oilfield in Timano-Pechora

The Oil Company “Lukoil” continues the prospecting works in the Denisovsk hollow in the Timano-Pechorsk oil and gas province. According to the company, it will be declared opening of a large-scale oilfield in this area soon. In total the enterprise put 4 oilfields into operation in Timano-Pechora in 2014. It is planned to enter 25 oilfields and to increase production by 27% in 2015-2019.


Hit in face for language?

Vice-chairman of the Hungarian Christian Democratic Alliance party in Slovakia Miklos Krivansky on the situation of national minorities in the homeland and in Russia.


JSC “Mondi SFIC” and Syktyvdinsk area will elevate agriculture and logging

In 2015 the social and economic partnership of one of the largest enterprises of Komi and administration of the area will proceed. The wood, agriculture, tourism and housing are in priorities.

The first agreement was imprisoned between “Mondi SFIC” and the Syktyvdinsk area in 2009. At that time the contract for the sum of 2,5 million rubles concerned granting equipment for regional hospital.



Ethnic minorities won't be priority activity of Federal agency on affairs of nationalities

Valentina Matviyenko, the speaker of the Federation Council, considers that new department shouldn't turn "actually into body for affairs of ethnic minorities", reports RIA-News.

"The Russian people are 80% of the population of Russia, it has language, cultural, demographic, social problems too and the state has to be engaged also attentively, actively and with interest as deals with the same problems of other people of Russia" — Matviyenko claims.



Hungarian charities unite for Ukraine

Member organizations of the Hungarian Charity Council – the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, the Caritas Hungarica, the Hungarian Red Cross, the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid and the Hungarian Baptist Aid – have combined their efforts to send an aid convoy to Ukrainian families, Minister of State for Churches, National Minorities and Civil Affairs Miklós Soltész said at a Budapest press conference on Tuesday.


The deputies of the State Council of Komi discussed questions of support of local agricultural producers

Agricultural producers of the republic together with deputies of the State Council and the Ministry of Agriculture of the region discussed on the 18th of March what it is necessary to make in new economic conditions not to "fail" in the 1990th years.

Exit day of the deputy on state support of production of local agricultural producers passed on the basis of JSC “Prigorodny”, and the discussion of difficult questions took place within excursion on new and old objects of the enterprise.


The Finno-Ugrian people die out silently

"No language, no people" such is the main idea of each report presented at a meeting of Association of the Finno-Ugrian people of Russia in Salekhard, MariUver approves.

Finno-Ugrian language group in Russia today on the verge of disappearance, are forgotten Vepsian, Khanty, Komi, Karelian, Ingrian languages. Loss of language inevitably conducts to assimilation of small ethnos with big and inevitable loss of identity and culture of the small people.



Mother Tongue Day celebrated home and abroad

Mother Tongue Day, which marks the birthday of Kristjan Jaak Peterson on March 14, one of the founding fathers of Estonian poetic tradition, was first recognized as a national holiday in 1999, ERR News reports. It is now celebrated not only in Estonia but in many Estonian Houses, schools and universities all around the world.


In Komi a unique book in fourteen languages was issued

In the run-up to the "gold" anniversary of the Komi the poet Nina Obrezkova published the book "Kopkö Loktan Gortad" ("Someday you will come back home") which it is provided in translations into fourteen languages, informtion Centre "Finnougriya" reports.


Competition of Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2016 was announced in Obinitsa

On March 21, the competition for the title of (Setomaa, Estonia) by representatives of MAFUN – Youth Association of Finno-Ugric Peoples.  Geographic focus of this year’s competition will be on Russia’s North as well as the Hungarian-speaking world. Winner of the Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2016 competition will be announced on July 31 in Tartu during the Congress of MAFUN.