Karelian news service begins at Yle

A new Yle news service, Uudizet karjalakse, broadcast its first news segment on Friday on the Yle North Karelia radio frequency, YLE News reports. The broadcasts are produced by Yle together with the Karelian Language Society and will air once a week.



Estonia contemplates female conscript service

The Estonian parliament’s national defence committee recently held a public sitting to discuss the participation of women in national defence, Estonian World reports. The discussion resulted in a consensus that female voluntary service should be favoured, but that it was not yet necessary to make it mandatory.

The chairman of the committee, Jürgen Ligi, said that greater involvement of women in national defence was a positive sign.


Finnish small talk: minimal but effective

Roman Schatz moved to Finland from Germany almost 30 years ago. Now enjoying celebrity status as a popular radio host and writer in his adopted country, Schatz says small talk in Finland may seem non-existent to foreigners, but it is there and it gets the job done. The Finnish language also doesn’t waste time with ‘please’-type supplications, YLE News reports.


One out of four Finns is a couch potato – men more than women

Think people in Finland are active and fit? New figures from the country’s health watchdog reveal that a quarter of residents engage in no physical activity in their free time whatsoever,Yle News reports. Women are more active in their leisure time than men in all eight of Finland’s provinces. Doctors in Central Ostrobothnia, the region with the most sedate residents, say men should take this news seriously and make an effort to get active.


Estonia on the verge of seeing its teaching force evaporate, says US expert

The representatives of the US National Center of Education and the Economy (NCEE) visited Estonia last week to learn more about its education system. ERR interviewed Marc Tucker, head of NCEE, to ask about his opinions on the pros and cons of the Estonian education system. Tucker said Estonia should take pride in the system it has built, but the there are some serious dangers and weakness that need to be addressed.



Metal music an important part of Finland's "brand"

Metal music artists have become an important element in Finland's international image. Over the past 15 years, top-name bands such as Nightwish, Children of Bodom and Sonata Arctica have not only gained followers worldwide, but also raised interest in their home country.

Metal music, in diverse forms, has become one of Finland's highest profile exports, YLE News reports.


War in Eastern Ukraine “likely to claim ethnic Hungarian victims”

It is feared there will be ethnic Hungarian victims in the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine, a Hungarian official said. A military unit dispatched from Western Ukraine, where there is a large Hungarian minority, has been surrounded in the area of Debaltseve, the head of Hungarian Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee Zsolt Németh said in Lodz in a panel discussion of the 8th Europe-Ukraine Forum.