Имена финно-угорского мира

Раздел «Имена» содержит справочную информацию о выдающихся личностях финно-угорского мира. В данном разделе вы найдете сведенья, как о реальных исторических личностях, так и о легендарных героях народов уральской языковой семьи.

«Имена» - это уникальный свод описаний, составленный силами пользователей нашего сайта, в ходе конкурса «Имя финно-угорского мира», который проходил на басе сайта инфоцентра FINUGOR.RU в 2011 году.

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C 16 мая по 7 декабря 2011 года инфоцентр проводил международный конкурс «Выдающиеся личности финно-угорских и самодийских народов» («Имя финно-угорского мира»). В ходе конкурса были выявлены 56 выдающихся личностей (по восьми номинациям), представляющие различные народы уральской языковой семьи. Международный конкурс проводился в России, Эстонии, Финляндии, Венгрии и других странах с целью популяризации информации о выдающихся представителях финно-угорских и самодийских народов и личностях, внесших большой вклад в изучение, сохранение и развитие языков и культур этих народов.

Будем рады, если вы внесете свой вклад. Если у вас есть уникальный справочный материал о культуре финно-угорских и самодийских народов, вы можете выслать его нам на адрес editor@FINUGOR.com

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (Russian: Влади́мир Влади́мирович Пу́тин,  born 7 October 1952) served as the second President of the Russian Federation and is the current Prime Minister of Russia, as well as chairman of United Russia and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Union of Russia and Belarus. He became acting President on 31 December 1999, when president Boris Yeltsin resigned in a surprising move. Putin won the 2000 presidential election and in 2004 he was re-elected for a second term lasting until 7 May 2008.Because of constitutionally mandated term limits, Putin was ineligible to run for a third consecutive presidential term. After the victory of his successor, Dmitry Medvedev, in the 2008 presidential elections, Putin was nominated by Medvedev to be Russia's Prime Minister; Putin took the post on 8 May 2008.Putin is credited with bringing political stability and re-establishing the rule of law.During his presidency, Russia's economy bounced back from crisis, seeing GDP increase by 72% in PPP (sixfold in nominal), poverty decrease by more than 50%, and average monthly salaries increase from $80 to $640.These achievements were ascribed to strong macroeconomic management, important fiscal policy reforms and a confluence of high oil prices, surging capital inflows and access to low-cost external financing, and were described as impressive by analysts.During his presidency, Putin passed into law a series of fundamental reforms, including a flat income tax of 13%, a reduced profits tax, and new land and legal codes.At the same time, his conduct in office has been questioned by domestic political opposition, foreign governments, and human rights organizations for his strong-armed leadership of Russia; for leading the Second Chechen War; for his record of alleged violations of human rights and freedoms (in Russia and elsewhere; i.e. Chechnya); for forcibly silencing his opponents (like Mikhail Khodorkovsky); and for his alleged bullying of the former Soviet Republics.Putin was born on 7 October 1952 in Leningrad, RSFSR, USSR (now Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation),to parents Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin (1911–1999) and Maria Ivanovna Putina (1911–1998). His mother was a factory worker, and his father was a conscript in the Soviet Navy, where he served in the submarine fleet in the early 1930s,subsequently serving with the NKVD in a sabotage group during World War II.Two elder brothers were born in the mid–1930s; one died within a few months of birth, while the second succumbed to diphtheria during the siege of Leningrad.If to speak about the origin of the Putins, the numerous statements they are coming from the tver karelians, which in the 17th century fled from the Swedish invaders in central Russia and compactly settled precisely in the Tver region, where now live.В 1Putin graduated from the International Law branch of the Law Department of the Leningrad State University in 1975, writing his final thesis on international law.В Putin joined the KGB in 1975 upon graduation from university, and underwent a year's training at the 401st KGB school in Okhta, Leningrad. From 1985 to 1990, the KGB stationed Putin in Dresden, East Germany. Following the collapse of the East German regime, Putin was recalled to the Soviet Union and returned to Leningrad, where in June 1991 he assumed a position with the International Affairs section of Leningrad State University, reporting to Vice-Rector Yuriy Molchanov.In May 1990, Putin was appointed Mayor Sobchak's advisor on international affairs. On 28 June 1991, he was appointed head of the Committee for External Relations of the Saint Petersburg Mayor's Office, with responsibility for promoting international relations and foreign investments.From 1994 to 1997, Putin was appointed to additional positions in the Saint Petersburg political arena. In March 1994 he became first deputy head of the administration of the city of Saint Petersburg. In 1995 (through June 1997) Putin led the Saint Petersburg branch of the pro-government Our Home Is Russia political party.During this same period from 1995 through June 1997 he was also the head of the Advisory Board of the JSC Newspaper Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti.In 1996, Anatoly Sobchak lost the Saint Petersburg mayoral election to Vladimir Yakovlev. Putin was called to Moscow and in June 1996 assumed position of a Deputy Chief of the Presidential Property Management Department headed by Pavel Borodin. He occupied this position until March 1997. During his tenure Putin was responsible for the foreign property of the state and organized transfer of the former assets of the Soviet Union and Communist Party to the Russian Federation.On 26 March 1997 President Boris Yeltsin appointed Putin deputy chief of Presidential Staff, which he remained until May 1998, and chief of the Main Control Directorate of the Presidential Property Management Department (until June 1998). His predecessor on this position was Alexei Kudrin and the successor was Nikolai Patrushev both future prominent politicians and Putin's associates.On 25 May 1998, Putin was appointed First Deputy Chief of Presidential Staff for regions, replacing Viktoriya Mitina; and, on 15 July, the Head of the Commission for the preparation of agreements on the delimitation of power of regions and the federal center attached to the President, replacing Sergey Shakhray. After Putin's appointment, the commission completed no such agreements, although during Shakhray's term as the Head of the Commission there were 46 agreements signed.Later, after becoming President Putin canceled all those agreements.On 25 July 1998 Yeltsin appointed Vladimir Putin head of the FSB (one of the successor agencies to the KGB), the position Putin occupied until August 1999. He became a permanent member of the Security Council of the Russian Federation on 1 October 1998 and its Secretary on 29 March 1999.On 9 August 1999, Vladimir Putin was appointed one of three First Deputy Prime Ministers, which enabled him later on that day, as the previous government led by Sergei Stepashin had been sacked, to be appointed acting Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation by President Boris Yeltsin.Yeltsin also announced that he wanted to see Putin as his successor. His rise to Russia's highest office ended up being even more rapid: on 31 December 1999, Yeltsin unexpectedly resigned and, according to the constitution, Putin became Acting President of the Russian Federation.On 27 June 1997, at the Saint Petersburg Mining Institute Putin defended his Candidate of Science dissertation in economics titled "The Strategic Planning of Regional Resources Under the Formation of Market Relations". On 28 July 1983 Putin married Kaliningrad-born Lyudmila Shkrebneva, at that time an undergraduate student of the Spanish branch of the Philology Department of the Leningrad State University and a former Aeroflot flight attendant. They have two daughters, Mariya Putina (born 28 April 1985 in St. Petersburg) and Yekaterina Putina (born 31 August 1986 in Dresden).http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladimir_Putin 
Artturi Ilmari Virtanen - finnish chemist (1895–1973)Virtanen was educated at the university in his native city of Helsinki, where he obtained his PhD in 1919, and at the universities of Zurich and Stockholm. He worked from 1921 to 1931 as director of the Finnish Cooperative Dairies Association Laboratory and from 1924 at the University of Helsinki where, in 1931, he became director of the Biochemical Institute.In 1945 Virtanen was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry for his method of fodder preservation. This AIV method, as it became known, named for his initials, was designed to stop the loss of nitrogenous material in storage. By storing green fodder in an acid medium he hoped to prevent spoilage and still retain nutritious fodder. After much experimentation he finally found that a mixture of hydrochloric and sulfuric acid was adequate as long as its strength was kept within certain precise limits. Specifically, this demanded a pH of about four. In 1929 Virtanen found that cows fed on silage produced by his method gave milk indistinguishable in taste from that of cows fed on normal fodder. Further, it was just as rich in both vitamin A and C.http://www.answers.com/topic/artturi-ilmari-virtanen#ixzz1Zpv72ggd
Hungarian actor Miklos Kalochai graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts. Then in 1973 he worked in the Theater. Madц¦ch. One of his early works was the role of Romeo, which further Role and identified the actor - Lover. In 1980, Miklos Kalochai joined the troupe Varszinhaz'e (Theater in the Fortress), and in 1982 became an actor of the National Theater. With age, the actor began to prefer to play the role of ironic, comic heroes. It is in the hope of replacing Role in 1989 he joined the troupe of Szeged National Theater, then on the Independent scene under the leadership of Jozsef Rust. Movies Miklos Kalochai actively starred in the films of the Hungarian production. But Soviet viewer recognized him because of melodrama Viktor Titov 'leave without pay'. Miklos played the role of charming, intelligent, tactful driver test Laszlo, the Hungarian factory worker 'Ikarus'. Along with the hero of Igor Kostolevsky he is testing a new model bus, and then falls in love with Katya (Olga Melikhova): Miklos Kalochai died in 1991 in a car accident. Early death of the actor prevented further development of his talent.. Filmography:. 1971 Pres (Hungary). 1973 A Fekete Mercedes utasai (Hungary). 1974 Aranyborju (Hungary). 1974 Ficzek ur (Hungary). 1974 Holnap lesz facan (Hungary). 1975 Tudos nok (Hungary). 1975 A Peleskei notarius (Hungary). 1976 A Mela tempefoi (Hungary). 1977 Zenes TV szinhaz (Hungary). 1978 Tengerre nezo cellak (Hungary). 1981 Halal a penztarban (Hungary). 1981 Holiday at its own expense (USSR-Hungary). 1981 Vedtelen utazok (Hungary). 1982 Roza neni elintezi (Hungary). 1983 Egymilliard evvel a vilag vege elott (Hungary). 1983 Mint oldott keve (Hungary). 1985 Szechenyi napjai (Hungary). 1986 Charley nenje (Hungary). 1988 Turheto Lajos (Hungary). 1988 Ocsi, a sztar (Hungary)http://persona.rin.ru/eng/view/f/0/37669/kalochai-miklos-miklos-kalocsay 






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