MAFUN will open the video-channel in YouTube

Soon in the first-rate in the world service of video content YouTube the channel of the Youth association of Finno-Ugric people MAFUN will start the work. News, video, on-line video news, shows, interviews of the activists of the world independent youth Finno-Ugric organizations will be transmitted there. The president of MAFUN Vasiliy Nemechkin said about it to the media center FINUGOR.



“In each Russian there is a part of Finno-Ugric, and in each Finno-Ugric there is a part of Russian”

First of all each of us is Russian – this idea was said by the member of the council under the president of Russian Federation on international relations, the consultant of work group on harmonization of international and interconfessional relations under the government of Komi Vyacheslav Mikhailov on the Inter-regional youth forum “We are Russians. The melodies of the unity”.  The forum devoted to the 1150-th anniversary of the Russian statehood origin took place in the Komi Republic in the Finno-Ugric centre at the beginning of November.




XXIX International Finno-Ugric Students Conference will be held at 06 – 08 May, 2013 in Syktyvkar (the Republic of Komi).

The purpose of the Conference is assistance in the establishment of the contacts between young Finno-Ugric researchers from different countries and exchange of the scientific results and research experience in the field of the Finno-Ugric Studies; search of decisions in actual problems of the modern Finno-Ugric science; activization of the research work of Finno-Ugric students.



Commentator: 'When You Have No Kings, Make Them Up'

On the occasion of Finnish Independence Day, journalist Riho Laurisaar reflected on Vikerraadio about the similarities between Finno-Ugric folklore and how to make it as globally recognizable as Scandinavian and Celtic mythology, ERR News reports. A movie about Kalevipoeg? Absolutely, he writes, even if such a film were to play loose with some of the Estonian national epic's details.


Turnout of ethnic Hungarian said low in Romanian elections

Participation by residents in towns with a major ethnic Hungarian population was below the national average at the Romanian parliamentary elections on Sunday, portal reports.

Data three hours before polls closed showed that turnout was 36.54 percent on average nation-wide. The lower-than-expected turnout is attributed to heavy snowing throughout the country.



Chinese famine and Mari wives at Rome Festival

An epic movie about a devastating Chinese famine has finally made it to the screen at the Rome Film Festival,euronews reports.

‘Back to1942’is a no-holds-barred telling of one of modern China’s most grim times.

It is based in Henan province where the famine had forced millions to search for food. Even Fan the wealthy landowner had to join the escape to avoid starvation.

The film also features the real-life American journalist Theodore White who was shocked by what he saw there.


Authors of the strategy of national policy of the Russian Federation want to introduce an ethnologic examination

Developers of strategy of a national policy of the Russian Federation suggest the extending of ethnologic examination of all federal laws and legal certificates, the head of working group on working out of the project of strategy Vyacheslav Mihajlov has informed.

According to the decree of the president of Russia, strategy of the state national policy should be confirmed till December, 1st. For development of this project the working group in the Presidential Council under international relations has been created.



Norwegian and Swedish Sami people expect ratification of inter-country agreement on deer pasture

The Norwegian Sami parliament (NSP) and the Sweden Sami parliament (SSP) together with the Sweden Sami organization and the Norwegian reindeer breeder Association made a request to governments of those countries to continue the work on ratification of Norwegian-Sweden convention of deer pasture. Representative authorities and public organizations are about to seek issuance of the document that will take into account rights and interests of both the sides to the best advantage, the NSP press service reports.