2015-05-08 00:51

Writer Väino Linna's "The Unknown Soldier" has been published in a new English-language translation by Liesl Yamaguchi as "Unknown Soldiers" by the world's leading book publisher Penguin. About it Yle News reports.

2015-05-08 00:37

A group of representatives from Northland carrying with them a message against oil-exploration at Te Reinga Basin are due to arrive in Oslo, Norway this Friday. About it Māori Television reports.

2015-05-06 15:25

The expedition of the anthropologist of the center for Northern studies of the European University at Saint Petersburg Yelena Lyarskaya was completed in Yamal. About it IA «Sever-Press» reports.

2015-05-05 19:52

The head of Finland’s Sámi Parliament told a United Nations gathering in New York that the Finnish government has robbed her people of their right to define themselves by failing to sign up to an international convention on indigenous people’s rights.About it BarentsObserver.com reports.

2015-05-05 10:03

Hungary has no plans to introduce the death penalty, “it is only a matter up for debate,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told European Parliament president Martin Schulz. About it portal Politics.hu reports.

2015-04-30 14:00

The new single of "Red Snow" was created by a Finno-Ugrian rock group of "Second to Sun". The guitarist of group, the author of Karelian music Vladimir Klimov-Lekhtinen reported to FINUGOR media center about it.

2015-04-29 14:00

At an April meeting of the State Council of the Komi Republic changes are made to the republican budget traditionally. In spite of the difficult year, the critical parameters of the budget of Komi in 2015 didn't subject to the essential adjustment. Social articles weren't broached essentially therefore the main financial document of the region remains social as usual.

2015-04-28 21:34

Every year, thousands of Estonians traditionally turn to birch trees to tap them for their lightly sweet, fresh and healthy sap. But now an international market is growing around the beverage, which Estonians hope to exploit. Fbout it ERR News reports.

2015-04-28 17:21

Arctic indigenous leaders cautioned the circumpolar community that the continued intrusion of geopolitical tensions with Russia into the Arctic Council could negatively impact the wellbeing of Arctic peoples. About it BarentsObserver.com reports.

2015-04-28 15:58

The Komi Republic entered tax holidays for two years for those who was registered as the businessman for the first time, saved budgetary funds and created base for development of the cadet movement. On April 16 at the next conference the deputies of the State Council of the republic considered 37 questions.

2015-04-27 13:18

The World's Happiness Report places Estonia on the 73rd position in the world for citizen well-being, ahead of Latvia, but behind Lithuania and Russia.

2015-04-27 13:13
Estonian language or Estonian as a second language upper secondary school final examinations are taken today across the country, ERR News reports.   State examinations are held once a year in spring all across the country.
2015-04-27 13:00

The antimonopoly service of Udmurtia was up in arms against “the Udmurt Dunne” newspaper for advertizing in which the Russian language isn't used, news agency “Susanin” reports.

2015-04-26 13:48

In this regard, on April 13, the emergency working conference on the subject "strengthening of control and toughening of responsibility for the destruction of the Animals including entered into The Red Book of Komi" passed in Committee of the State Council of Komi on natural resources, environmental management and ecology.

2015-04-22 21:36
The work in the field of advance of the Karelian language in the electronic environment was sped up this year.   On the site of Laboratory of Information Technologies are being developed the projects connected with development and advance of the Karelian language in the field of new high technologies.
2015-04-22 21:14

Estonia needs to acknowledge that its dependence on the European Union support measures is a problem, says University of Tartu Professor of International Business and Innovation Urmas Varblane. About it ERR.News reports.


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