2015-04-08 01:15

According to a report by a nationalist Finns Party think tank, immigrants cost Finland at least 700 million euros per year, YLE News reports.

Finns Party MP Juho Eerola said he would consider restricting migration on the basis of nationality, based on calculations of a person’s anticipated value to Finland according to their nation of origin.

2015-04-06 22:22

Like the other member states of the European Union, Hungary condemns the territorial aggression Russia commits against Ukraine day by day, a parliamentary official said.

2015-04-06 22:12

Marie Under, one of Estonia's most famous poets, will be reburied in her homeland, ERR News reports. The Estonian Writers Union is looking for new resting place for Under and her family, currently buried in Sweden. The reburial service is planned for this autumn.

2015-04-05 22:30

The dictionary of personal names of Nenets people of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug was presented in Salekhard. The author of the edition Yelizaveta Yaptik called her presentation "The book about big love", IA "Sever-Press". According to her words, the dictionary is a result of 4 years of work and confession in love to her people and to favorite work.

2015-04-05 22:22

Yamal is the land of reindeer herders, the land of original residence of Komi-Zyryan, Nenets, Khanty, Selkoup, Mansi peoples and other ethnic minorities, IA «Sever-Press» reports.

2015-04-04 14:41
Deputies of the Nenets Autonomous Area defined the indemnification mechanism to reindeer breeders in the case of withdrawal of lands at them under the state needs,  the Centre of assistance for North indigenous ethnic groups writes.     The meeting of deputies of the Nenets Autonomous Area accepted in the second, final, reading change in the law "About the Regulation of the Land Relations in the territory of the Nenets Autono
2015-04-02 10:52

 The project of National children's library of the Komi Republic of S. Ya. Marshak "The native nature" benefited a grant of Society of Mathias Kastren. As news agency Komiinform with reference to the press service of library reports, 2000 euros are allocated for issuing of the almanac of children's literary creativity on the Komi language.

2015-04-01 17:16

Eva Biaudet, Finland’s Non Discrimination Ombudsman says to BarentsObserver the rejection of the ratification of ILO Convention No. 169 was a step backwards for the political efforts to strengthen Sami rights.

2015-04-01 11:26

Russians had won the overall count of the World Cup of masters in skiing race in Komi. According to the results of the World Cup of masters in skiing race which finished on the 20th of March on a republican ski complex named after Raisa Smetanina, Russian national team got the victory in the overall medal count.

2015-03-31 18:17

The Oil Company “Lukoil” continues the prospecting works in the Denisovsk hollow in the Timano-Pechorsk oil and gas province. According to the company, it will be declared opening of a large-scale oilfield in this area soon. In total the enterprise put 4 oilfields into operation in Timano-Pechora in 2014. It is planned to enter 25 oilfields and to increase production by 27% in 2015-2019.

2015-03-31 15:24

Vice-chairman of the Hungarian Christian Democratic Alliance party in Slovakia Miklos Krivansky on the situation of national minorities in the homeland and in Russia.

2015-03-31 00:12

In 2015 the social and economic partnership of one of the largest enterprises of Komi and administration of the area will proceed. The wood, agriculture, tourism and housing are in priorities.

The first agreement was imprisoned between “Mondi SFIC” and the Syktyvdinsk area in 2009. At that time the contract for the sum of 2,5 million rubles concerned granting equipment for regional hospital.

2015-03-30 23:43

Being a reindeer herder in Scandinavia may sounds like a romantic life, but a presenter on the second day of the Circumpolar Mental Wellness Symposium told delegates that the Saami people are struggling just to keep the tradition alive, CBCNews reports.

2015-03-30 20:53

The deputies of the State Council of Komi and the representatives of the ministries and departments of the republic count on updating of the current legislation soon: on the 20th of March at a round-table discussion experts formulated offers on change of new rules of fishery.

2015-03-29 20:59

Valentina Matviyenko, the speaker of the Federation Council, considers that new department shouldn't turn "actually into body for affairs of ethnic minorities", reports RIA-News.

"The Russian people are 80% of the population of Russia, it has language, cultural, demographic, social problems too and the state has to be engaged also attentively, actively and with interest as deals with the same problems of other people of Russia" — Matviyenko claims.

2015-03-29 19:33

Russia has experience in national policies, which can be very useful for countries surrounding Hungary. Such an opinion in an interview with the media centre FINUGOR expressed the vice chairman of the Hungarian Christian Democratic Alliance Micloś Krivansky (Slovakia).