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Russia’s closest neighbour to Norway, the municipality of Pechenga, has started reindeer husbandry on the Rybachy Peninsula, and plans to open a base for tourists.

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Housing, mental health and the high costs of living in the North are a few items on the agenda of Arctic Council meetings underway in Whitehorse, CBCNEWS reports. 

The event brings together senior leaders from circumpolar regions including the Scandinavian countries, the Russian Federation, Alaska and Canada.

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So far, 710,000 ethnic Hungarians have applied for Hungarian citizenship and some 670,000 have been granted that status, state secretary János Árpád Potápi told Parliament’s National Cohesion Committee, portal Politics.hu reports. Potápi said that 66% of those granted citizenship were from Romania, 17% from Northern Serbia and 14% from Western Ukraine.

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Two important regions in Russia’s Arctic ambitions – Murmansk and Yamalo-Nenets, have signed an agreement on cooperation, BarentsObserver.com reports.

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Hungary opens four trading houses in Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Rostov and St. Petersburg announced Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations PéterSzijjártó in a Kossuth Radio interview on Wednesday. About it HungarianAmbiance reports.

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The Republic of Estonia is celebrating its 97th anniversary on Tuesday, February 24, with the majority of events taking place this year in the North East Ida-Virumaa, informs The Baltic Course.

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The Estonian parliament’s national defence committee recently held a public sitting to discuss the participation of women in national defence, Estonian World reports. The discussion resulted in a consensus that female voluntary service should be favoured, but that it was not yet necessary to make it mandatory.

The chairman of the committee, Jürgen Ligi, said that greater involvement of women in national defence was a positive sign.

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Roman Schatz moved to Finland from Germany almost 30 years ago. Now enjoying celebrity status as a popular radio host and writer in his adopted country, Schatz says small talk in Finland may seem non-existent to foreigners, but it is there and it gets the job done. The Finnish language also doesn’t waste time with ‘please’-type supplications, YLE News reports.

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Think people in Finland are active and fit? New figures from the country’s health watchdog reveal that a quarter of residents engage in no physical activity in their free time whatsoever,Yle News reports. Women are more active in their leisure time than men in all eight of Finland’s provinces. Doctors in Central Ostrobothnia, the region with the most sedate residents, say men should take this news seriously and make an effort to get active.

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Athabaksan, Inuit, Saami, Aleut, Gwich’in, along with indigenous representatives from Russia are meeting in Ottawa past week as part of a major Arctic Council effort to promote the vitality of the Arctic’s indigenous languages, The Arctic Journal reports.

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It is feared there will be ethnic Hungarian victims in the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine, a Hungarian official said. A military unit dispatched from Western Ukraine, where there is a large Hungarian minority, has been surrounded in the area of Debaltseve, the head of Hungarian Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee Zsolt Németh said in Lodz in a panel discussion of the 8th Europe-Ukraine Forum.

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Relations between the European Union and Russia must be settled in a reasonable way and as quickly as possible, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday. About it Daily News Hungary and MTI reports.

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Active preparation to traditional national holidays is taking place in towns and districts of Yamal, IA "Sever-Press" reports.

Every year in February indigenous peoples of the North start celebrating the Reindeer Herder's Day. Trading stations and agricultural communities in Purovskiy district are opening the row of celebrations.

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Estonian residents travel more than before, but for shorter times, Estonia's central bank Eesti Pank said in its fresh report. Foreign visitors made 6.2 million visits to Estonia in 2014, which is about 1% more than in 2013, informs LETA. About it The Baltic Course reports.

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Hungary "cannot afford not to talk to Russia" about ensuring gas supplies, the Hungarian foreign minister said Thursday.

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told The Associated Press that because of the cancellation of two natural gas pipeline projects, Nabucco and South Stream, "the only way to ensure energy security in Hungary is to negotiate with the Russians."