2016-04-10 21:04

 The initiative which is organised by the Youth Organisation of Finno-Ugric Nations (MAFUN), this year concentrates on the Finno-Ugric nations living in North Europe, North Russia and Central-Russia.

2016-01-28 22:17

A First Nations chief from British Columbia is calling for urgent efforts to revive indigenous languages, saying their extinction is going unnoticed while the world focuses on the preservation of cultural heritage sites.

2015-11-23 15:56

Seto Week, which is held in Paris from November 18-25, introduces traditional polyphonic singing of the Setos (Seto leelo), their handicraft, traditions, cuisine, history, language and literature in the French capital. Never before has the Seto culture been so widely introduced in France. About it portal ERR reports.

2015-11-08 15:14

A local official in the northern republic of Karelia has been brought to trial on charges of inciting separatism after criticizing the local government and the Kremlin in an emotional speech.

2015-10-25 19:22

The contest for conferring the special prizes in honor of Prokopiy Saltykov, Leonid Laptsuy and Sergey Irikov for the best covering of themes on preservation and development of cultural legacy of indigenous northerners in native languages in printing editions was announced in Yama

2015-10-21 20:54

The Helsinki Book Fair is about to begin in a week. The theme country of this year’s event is Russia, thus we wanted to highlight our services related to Russian studies and Uralic languages. Naturally, the Digitization Project of Kindred Languages will be present in this event at the National Library’s stand (6e71). Please, find here a brief summary of our programme at the Book Fair.

2015-09-28 18:14

Prosecutors say Governor Vyacheslav Gaizer and 13 other high-ranking politicians are detained on suspicions of serious fraud, BarentsObserver.com reports. Experts believe the arrests rather are linked with political intrigues and controversies between powerful economic interests.

2015-09-12 15:02
On August 18 in National Museum of the Komi Republic the presentation of an album "Zyrians — the People Gifted" took place.
2015-09-11 14:11
The Komi Republic and the Nenets Autonomous Area agreed about holding the sporting festival "Games of the Pechora basin", "Komiinform" reports.     The principal of regional Sport agency Stepan Churakov told about it.   According to him, the athletes of Izhema, Us-Tsilma  Pechora and Naryan-Mar regions will take part in competitions.   "Such festivals were held in Soviet period.
2015-09-09 14:11
The public of Komi can take part in discussion of new changes in Rules of fishery, "Komiinform" writes.     The Acting Minister of Agriculture and food of Komi Alexey Butkin reported about it today, on August 17, at a weekly meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of the region. He reminded that last week the changes in Rules of fishery which concern removal of separate restrictions on catch with hook tackles fo
2015-09-07 14:11
In Komi cards with patterns of the artist Yury Lisovsky  have been published. Edition of Art log became the author and the direct implementor of idea.      Such patterns of the artist as "Wedding" entered a cycle of cards, "I want to marry you" and "A life tree". The card is executed in the A5 format. On the first page wishes on the Komi and the Russian languages are published:  1. Congratulations!
2015-09-06 11:46
The Komi Republic has appeared in the TopTripTip mobile application, «Komiinform» reports.
2015-09-02 16:51

Hungarian village Iszkaszentgyörgy and City of Veszprém will share the title of Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2016, thus following Udmurtian village Bygy (2014) and Seto village Obinitsa (2015), FennoUgria reports. 

2015-08-30 13:35
In April, 2015 JSC LUKOIL-Komi concluded the agreement for a period of a year with movement of the Izhma Komi  "Izvatas".
2015-07-24 15:46

David L. Stern, a citizen of the USA, working as a CIA agent under cover in international media, in particular in GlobalPost and BBC, in the middle of July of 2014 was near Grabovo village of the Donetsk region of Ukraine where the Boeing Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17/MAS17) was shot down,  columnist Caleb Gilbert wrote in PressBox.

2015-07-22 14:11
On July 10 the regional natural prosecutor's office reported that the representatives of Tribal Community of the Indigenous Ethnic People (TCIEP) the Sami "Tribal community – Puaz (Пуаз)" ("Deer") violate the Forest code of the Russian Federation, the vMurmanske.ru Internet portal writes.


2015-06-28 15:09