The next conference of the young Finno-Ugric peoples experts IFUSCO took place in Yugra

At the final day of the Youth association of the Finno-Ugric peoples Forum (MAFUN) taken place in Khanty-Mansiysk from 31 Januaru to 2 February it was decided that the Students and youth experts in Finno-Ugric peoples Conference  (IFUSCO) 2014 would be taken place on the basis of the Yugra state university. It was reported to the media centre FINUGOR the MAFUN’s President Vasiliy Nemechkin. The join sitting of the Forum’s members with students and teachers Yugra state university took place on 2 February. The MAFUN’s President offered Yugra state university to hold the IFUSCO conference in 2014. It was supported by university management.

At the meeting in the university the MAFUN director in Estonia Oliver Loode pfficially announced the MAFUN project “The cultural capital of Finno-Ugric world”. After the meeting with students and teachers the university management continued its work, where the activists discussed the preparation for holding the MAFUN Congress XI in Helsinki, results of the Turkic youth’s taking part in the International kurylyay. It will be recalled that this year the IFUSCO Conference will be held in Syktyvkar – the Youth researchers Forum will be held in May on the basis of the Komi state academy of the government service and management. The condition of participation will be knowledge of the Finno-Ugric languages.

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