Micloś Krivansky: «Russia can learn national policy for countries around Hungary»

Russia has experience in national policies, which can be very useful for countries surrounding Hungary. Such an opinion in an interview with the media centre FINUGOR expressed the vice chairman of the Hungarian Christian Democratic Alliance Micloś Krivansky (Slovakia).

“I am convinced that developments in the field of legislation, available in subjects of the Russian Federation may be of interest to study and possible application in areas of densely populated by national minorities in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe”, - he said.

Krivansky regretted that so far in Slovakia and Romania, where is the largest number of Hungarians outside their ethnic homeland, there is no national autonomous regions, nor legislation allowing possibility of their occurrence, as well as the use of a minority language as an official. Against this background, he believes, the law of the autonomous republics of the Russian Federation looks advantageous: it proclaims the right of their titular nations, regardless of their size and share in the total population; it prescribes use of the language of the titular nation as an official in official contacts; it defines and protects the state symbols of these territories.

“I understand that in reality all these laws can not be executed. But the very fact that they exist, must command respect”, - emphasized the interlocutor of FINUGOR.RU.