2015-03-12 23:10

The sitting of the presidium of the All-Russian public movement "The Association of Finno-Ugric peoples of the Russian Federation" will take place in Salekhard on the 13th of March, IA «Sever-Press» reporst.

2015-03-12 22:47

The head of center of ethnocultural strategy of Federal institute's formation of a development of education of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Olga Artemenko tells that a number of schools with training in the native languages from 2002 to 2010 was reduced three times, and a number of the children who are trained in them by 3,5 times, "National accent" reports.

2015-03-12 18:11
The World Cup among the masters on ski in Syktyvkar it is the largest competitions among the athletes who already finished their professional career. This year about nine hundred athletes from 16 countries will take part in competitions. The most numerous foreign ski landing on the World Cup will be landed by Finns. The competitions start on March 14, the regional ski complex of Raisa Smetanina near Syktyvkar is ready for the beginning of competitions.
2015-03-10 19:57

On 3 March 2015, at the invitation of MEP Ildikó Gáll-Pelcz (Group of the European People's Party, Fidesz-KDNP alliance), the leaders of Hungarian organizations and parties abroad made a visit to Brussels and took part in the session of the Fidesz-KDNP (Christian Democratic People’s Party) where they discussed the current situation of the Hungarian community living in the Carpathian Basin, Hungarian register reports. 

2015-03-10 12:33
The ceremony of awarding with the Literary Prize of Ural Federal Okrug took place in Yekaterinburg, IA "Sever-Press" reports. .
2015-03-09 20:55

JSC “Mondi FIC of Syktyvkar” opened the station of mechanical sewage treatment on Tuesday.

2015-03-08 12:08

The governor of the Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko called two organizations undermining bases of peaceful life of the region and the country.

2015-03-08 11:27

A book series in the Seto language, close to the Estonian language, is one of the winners of the annual book design competition "Best Book Design from all over the World," held in Leipzig by Stiftung Buchkunst since 1963, ERR News reports.

2015-03-05 22:49

Russia’s closest neighbour to Norway, the municipality of Pechenga, has started reindeer husbandry on the Rybachy Peninsula, and plans to open a base for tourists.

2015-03-05 22:35

Housing, mental health and the high costs of living in the North are a few items on the agenda of Arctic Council meetings underway in Whitehorse, CBCNEWS reports. 

The event brings together senior leaders from circumpolar regions including the Scandinavian countries, the Russian Federation, Alaska and Canada.

2015-03-05 12:12
During a working meeting of the deputy head of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation with the influential Finnish politician — the chairman of society "Finland — Russia" Paula Lekhtomyaki and the secretary general of society Meryey Hannus  the current situation in the sphere of entrance and outbound tourism in Russia and Finland, questions of development of the Russian-Finnish humanitarian cooperation, and also the program and the course of preparation of the XVI Russian-Finnish cultural forum, questions of carrying out in Finland the VII Wo
2015-03-04 22:33

So far, 710,000 ethnic Hungarians have applied for Hungarian citizenship and some 670,000 have been granted that status, state secretary János Árpád Potápi told Parliament’s National Cohesion Committee, portal Politics.hu reports. Potápi said that 66% of those granted citizenship were from Romania, 17% from Northern Serbia and 14% from Western Ukraine.

2015-03-04 21:16

A new Yle news service, Uudizet karjalakse, broadcast its first news segment on Friday on the Yle North Karelia radio frequency, YLE News reports. The broadcasts are produced by Yle together with the Karelian Language Society and will air once a week.

2015-03-04 21:05

Two important regions in Russia’s Arctic ambitions – Murmansk and Yamalo-Nenets, have signed an agreement on cooperation, BarentsObserver.com reports.

2015-03-03 22:49

On the territory of the Leningrad region, despite the closeness of Finland, there can be no native Finnish speakers in the near future. It was declared on the round table in the press center "Baltinfo" by the chairman of a society of  Ingrian Finns "Inkerin Liitto" Vladimir Kokko.

2015-02-25 15:41

The new single of "Land of the Fearless Birds" was created by a Finno-Ugric metal band "Second To Sun". The guitarist of the group, the author of the Karelian music Vladimir Klimov-Lekhtinen reported to FINUGOR media center about it.


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